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Wireless City

Wireless City Solution

What we can see from the front-end hardware system are wireless access points of various forms (i.e., roof ,hanging, wall panel, outdoor orientation, outdoor omnidirectional, integrated machine station, split machine station according to the live project request )、probe、bridge、CPE, etc., and wired OLT、ONU、EPON、MoCA、POE switch board and other equipments.

The back-end software system is formed by equipment management platform、Portal authentication access system、wireless operation system、big date analysis system、industry application system.


  • We provide integrated solution、software and hardware of the same brand

  • Stable network

  • Safe wireless

  • Multiple authentication access modes, possessing the entrance to big data

  • Big data analysis system

  • Compatible expansion

We can support a full range of solutions, and welcome you to order your exclusive solution design.