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Cable MSOs face a lot of challenges worldwide, to compete from more and more aggressive Telecom competition, not only how to plan and build the access network, but also how to operate, manage and configure the access network to bring customer the best quality of service become essential to MSO commercial success.

Hive series network management system consist of several sub systems which monitoring, managing both the broadband and TV broadcasting channels. Also provision the broadband to Internet service request. The System aggregates and analyzes information from all access network elements to support a 99.99% availability network operation.

The management platform covers all the solution and products provided by LUSTER and is vendor neutral to all third party PON, HFC, EOC systems which comply to industry standards. It has already more than 60 field commercial deployment supporting network scale covering over 10 million subscribers.

Sub systems:

  • Network element management for EPON;
  • Network element management for MoCA Access Ethernet over coax; 
  • Network element management for 1550nm TV transmission; 
  • Provisioning for broadband service.


  • Network element monitoring

  • Alarm management

  • Statistic report

  • Database management

  • Provisioning

  • Safety management

  • Topology management

  • Performance management

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