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LUSTER Teraband 1550nm Fiber to the Building (FTTB) solution is especially designed for the cable ISPs. It is mainly applied in the grey field (apartment, hospital, etc.) scenario with rich existing coaxial cable resource. Combining with 10G EPON and MoCA Access technology, it can provide up to 2.5Gbps bandwidth for each subscriber. Comparing with other existing access tech, it can provide higher bandwidth and higher reliability with lower cost.


  • Completely passive for the whole outdoor transmission guarantees the reliability

  • Taking use of existing coaxial cable resource, cost effective

  • Providing large bandwidth (Up to 2.5Gbps)

  • Huge broadcasting bandwidth supports more 4K or 8K channels

  • Easy bandwidth upgrading with active device unchanged

We can support a full range of solutions, and welcome you to order your exclusive solution design.