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  1. River Tian

    Practice of FTTB Project Covering 1.4M Subscribers in Tianjin

    Sep. 6, 2021 WebEx

    Field practice of Tianjin MSO for fiber to the building infrastructure, 1550nm RFTV + EPON + MoCA access solution

    Fengxiang Li

    Define The Fiber Future - Learn Best FTTH Practice in China

    Oct. 15, 2021 WebEx

    Practical experience learnt from Shijiazhuang national demonstration project to make your FTTH project a big success.

  2. Planning & Building 99.99% Availability FTTx/H Cable Accessing Network

    Aug. 23, 2021 Beijing, China

    • Motivation of 99.99% Usability (A+B) Network Construction
    • How to build 99.99% Usability A Network
    • How to build 99.99% Usability B Network
    • LUSTER Reliability Design of Product
    • Conclusion

    Will Yan

    1550nm RF Overlay 10G EPON + MoCA Access FTTB/FTTH Ultra-broadband Accessing Network

    Dec. 6, 2020 Beijing China

    • Motivation of Accessing Bandwidth
    • 1550nm RFoverlay: Ulra low receiving design, configuration, performance evaluation
    • 10G EPON FTTH Solution
    • 10G EPON + MoCA Access FTTB solution
    • Conclusion & Case

    Key technologies of 1550nm AM long distance digital transmission multi carrier digital TV transmission

    Sep. 20, 2020 Beijing, China

    Design, calculate and test 800km 1550nm laser amplitude modulation digital TV transmission system.

  3. Will Feng

    Upgrade your access network with 10G EPON

    Nov. 4, 2020 Beijing, China

    This training will introduce how LUSTER help China biggest DOCSIS operator with 10G EPON solution and products to compete with China Unicom and China mobile who are deploying FTTH.

    Dr. Wu

    LUSTER Insights: How home network connection differentiates subscribers' experience?

    Oct. 21, 2020 Beijing China

    People often complain a lot on bad connection, slow speed, poor signal when it comes to the home network connection. The situation is getting more difficult with the increase of smart home devices and higher requirements (high speed, stable, reliable) from subscribers. Networking could be a pain, but fortunately, there's a lot to do to improve subscribers' experience - LUSTER thinks fiber to the home, cable to the room and Wi-Fi to each smart device is the best solution for operators to build ideal home network. This is where to start - this training will demonstrate how MoCA technology constructs home backbone network and makes Wi-Fi better and provide steady and reliable Gbit transmission.

    Introduction of RFID

    Nov. 18, 2020 Beijing, China

    To build 99.99% high reliability network, LUSTER Teraband firstly proposed RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tag, a brand new concept, which eases headend and ODN maintenance since paper tag is easy to fall off or get dim as time goes.

    RFID tag is a cost effective way to manage interface information based on Bluetooth communication with smartphone device and cloud storage.

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