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HME5000 Series MoCA 2.5 Ethernet Coaxial Adaptor

LUSTER Taraband HomeTRAN series MOCA2.5 adaptor, mainly achieves data transmission in coaxial cable. Taking advantage of coaxial cable resource at home, it constitutes a fast and reliable Ethernet home network, connecting the terminals such as smart TV, video game console, computer, and etc. It can support voice, data and video services.


  • Flexible frequency selection
It works at high frequency range. Frequency range is between 1125~1675 MHZ. Channels can be flexibly selected based on network condition.
  • Strong interference-proof capability

Physical layer adopts advanced ACMT mode that is OFDMA, which makes it to get strong interference-proofcapability by avoiding high noise at low frequency. 

  • Advanced data link layer agreement

Link layer adopts TDMA protocol, MP2MP structure. Each device can communicate with any other one. All the adaptors adopt the same TDD.

  • Absolute bandwidth support supply

MOCA 2.5 adaptor supports up to 2.5Gbps throughput with low packet loss rate and low time delay.