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CableTRAN NMI5000 MoCA Access 2.5 Network Controller

CableTRAN NMI5000 transforms the in-building coaxial cabling into a multi-gigabit fiber extension network. This network controller based on the MoCA Access 2.5 technology standard. It is capable of 2.5 Gbps actual data ratesand serves up to 31 modems(clients). It offers a flexible frequency selection of 400~1675MHz and uses the existing in-building coaxial cabling and coexists with other services such as broadcast TV, IPTV, DOCSIS and fiber 

CableTRAN NMI5000 is aimed at cable MSOs, fiber-optic ISPs/network builders, telco’s and mobile operators, as well as systems integrators/resellers targeting the hospitality sector. It coexists with DOCSIS while also offering a far greater cost/performance benefit than DOCSIS 3.1. With CableTRAN, operators can now deliver gigabit broadband access and high quality of service (QoS) at a fraction of the cost of fiber and DOCSIS 3.1. No new wiring needs to be installed as it uses the existing coaxial cabling. CableTRAN is suited for commercial integrators installing networks in hospitality, restaurants, offices and other buildings as their fiber extension for implementation of FTTB using the existing coax to each apartment, room or office. It is also ideal for mobile operators looking to add wired backhaul capacity to apartment blocks for 4G/5G fixed mobile convergence. 


High Bandwidth:TDMA on MAC layer, up to 2.5Gbps actual throughput 

Flexible Frequency Selection:400~1675MHz 

Dynamic Up/Downstream Allocation: Realizing 2Gbps downstream or upstream throughput 

Srtong Service Capability: Support 4”level” of standard traffic and service quality