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LUSTER Teraband MTRAN series 1550nm transmission platform is mainly focus on the CATV FTTx/H transmission in the access network, including multiple modes of transmitter, NMS module, optical switch, EDFA, etc.

  • MTRAN2000
  • TBT3155B
  • TBT3155B
  • TBT3155B
  • MOA2100
  • MOT2300
  • MOS2200
  • MTRAN2000 Series 1550nm Optical Transmission Platform


    LUSTER Teraband MTRAN2000 series optical transmission platform is mainly applied for the 1550nm optical CATV signal transmission. It is one of the best choices for FTTB network due to its low power consumption and space occupancy. It contains up to 16 modules in the 4U high rack: directly modulated transmitter module, EDFA module, 1*2 optical switch module, 1*8 optical switch module and NMS module.

  • MPS2000 Series Power Module


    LUSTER Teraband MSP2000 series power module works together with MTRAN2000 optical platform in the FTTx and HFC networks. It adopts 4 power modules redundancy backup to guarantee the reliability of the optical transmission platform.

  • MAG2000 Series NMS Module


    LUSTER Teraband MAG2000 series NMS module works together with MTRAN2000 optical platform in the FTTx and HFC networks. The NMS module works under the Hives network management software, which is the key factor to guarantee the 99.99% reliability network.

  • MOS2220 Series Optical Switch Module


    LUSTER Teraband MOS2220 series optical switch module is mainly applied for 1 to 8 EDFA backup in the FTTx network. Both auto mode and manual mode are available. Under the auto mode, it will automatically switch to the backup port when the signal is lower than the threshold value. It will automatically switch to the main signal if it recovers.

  • MOA2100 Series Fiber Amplifier Module


    LUSTER Teraband MOA2100 series fiber amplifier module works together with the MTRAN optical transmission platform and it is mainly applied in the HFC and FTTx networks.

  • MOT2300 Series Directly Modulated Optical Transmitter Module


    LUSTER Teraband MOT2300 series directly modulated optical transmitter module adopts AM-VSB transmission system and works at Band C of 1550nm. It can be applied in both broadcasting and inter-cut transmission systems in the HFC, CATV and FTTx networks. Its ATC, AGC, MGC and APC currents guarantee its long-term stable running. Its bandwidth matching and pre-distortion nonlinear compensation circuit guarantees its flat frequency response and optimal CSO and CTB.

  • MOS2200 Series Optical Switch Module

    LUSTER Teraband MOS2200 series optical switch module is mainly applied for 1 to 2 transmitter or EDFA backup in the FTTx, HFC bone and SFT networks.

  • FTTB-577


    LUSTER Teraband 1550nm Fiber to the Building (FTTB) solution is especially designed for the cable ISPs.

  • MoCA-577

    Home Network Connection

    LUSTER Teraband home network solution is mainly applied for the scenario with coaxial cable resource in the house.

  • FTTH-577


    LUSTER Teraband 1550nm RF Overlay solution is one of FTTH solutions special for Cable ISPs.

  • Long Distance Transmission-577

    1550nm TV Backbone Solution

    1550nm laser amplitude modulation transmission technology has been widely used for Cable TV fiber optic transmission; it has ideal advantage of customer experience performance for multi channel video broadcasting. With worldwide digital transition and Fiber to the Home construction of TV broadcasting, the technology is evolved to bring better application in digital domain.

  • NMS/Provision

    Hive series network management system consists of several sub systems which monitoring, managing both the broadband and TV broadcasting channels. Also provision the broadband to Internet service request. The System aggregates and analyzes information from all access network elements to support a 99.99% availability network operation.