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Flexible Packaging Inspection

With high precision and efficiency, the PackHERO series are specifically developed for 100% quality control of flexible packaging, web tobacco packaging, tipping paper, aseptic pack, aluminum foil, lithium battery separator film, plastic film as well as other wide web applications. From extrusion, printing, laminating/coating, rewinding to slitting, it can be applied on the whole production workflow to achieve 100% automatic quality inspection, optimize productivity reduce production cost.

Print Type Application 100% Inspection System Integration
Web Printing Tobacco Packagings • Printing Machine (Rotogravure, Flexo), Stamping Machine, Slitting Machine, Rewinding MachineChina
Tipping Paper
Flexible Packaging • Extrusion/Casting Machine, Printing Machine (Rotogravure, Flexo),
Lamination Machine, Slitting Machine, Rewinding Machine
Tetra Pak • Printing Machine, Lamination/Coating Machine, Slitting Machine,
Rewinding Machine
Plastic Film • Coating Machine, Casting Machine, Slitting Machine, Rewinder

Sample Products

Sample Defects

Inspection Workflow

Inline Inspection Solution

Offline Inspection Solution

Inline Inspection and Waste Removal Workflows

  • Inline Inspection and Waste Removal Workflows combines both inline inspection process control and offline waste removal into one cost-effective, automatic and efficient solutions for defect material handling.
  • Inline inspection system is installed on printing machine, lamination machine or slitting machine to monitor real-time quality, prevent continuous waste and record all defect data into database.
  • After defect reviewing and editing, all the selected date will be transferred and downloaded to rewinder which will automatically stop on defect position for removal. Customer can choose for 1-to-1 workflow or N-to-N workflows on actual conditions.