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Flexible Packaging Inspection

With high precision and efficiency, the PackHERO series are specifically developed for flexible packaging, web tobacco packaging, tipping paper, tetra pak, aluminium foil, lithium battery diaphragm, plastic film material as well as other web packaging. From printing, stamping, slitting to rewinding, it can be applied on the whole workflow to control quality during and after production.

Produce Samples

Inspection Workflow

Inline Inspection

• Mainly installed on printers.

• Real-time sound and light alarm.

• Reduce continuous waste and prevent further defects

Offline Inspection

• Mainly installed on rewinders to provide accurate inspection before lamination, slitting or bag making processes.

• Removing defected products to avoid further waste. Guaranteeing the product quality and decreasing the complaint rate of end users.

Inline Inspection and Offline Elimination

Inline inspection system is installed on press to monitor product quality, avoid continuous waste and recording defects data which will be transferred to server for manual check and judge. Offline rewinder (without inspection system) will download defects data and eliminate defected products. This workflow can greatly enhance work efficiency by separating inspection and eliminating process.