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PrintMan Series Carton Packaging Inspection

Specially developed for Carton packaging inspection such as pharmaceutical packaging, tobacco packaging, 3C electronic products packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, liquid packaging etc. Its wide adaptability allows accurate inspection of highly-reflective substrates as well as normal ones, for instance gold and silver paperboard, laser paperboard, aluminized material and stamping material. It is able to inspect defects like streak, missing print, dirty spot, splash, mis-registration, colour deviation as well as embossing defects. What's more, it can provide effective inspection and classification of variable data.

Main Features

  • Easy to Use

Only one reference image is needed for setting up new template and no extra adjustment required. It only takes three minutes to finish quality standard set-up. Automatic adjustment of feeding width and variable data inspection position. Operator can change to a new job within 15 minutes.

  • Precise

It can inspect point defect of minimum 0.1mm² size and streak of 0.07mm width in the speed of 300m/min.

  • Highly Intelligent

Support for automatic positioning and text extraction, and able to set different inspection precision for different areas. Equipped with surveillance system to insure automatic stop when accident occurs to reduce maintenance cost and safety.

  • Advanced Mechanical Design

Marble structure design ensures highly stable equipment running and precise inspection. and our brand new innovative feeding structure design can prevent 95% of scratch issues.