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Lithium Battery Electrode Inspection System

Lithium battery Electrode inspection system is an inline inspection system specialized for lithium battery positive and negative pole pre-coating, coating and die cutting process. Equipped with self-developed high-dynamic camera, patented light source, BatteryHero-Sep software system, high speed marking system, it has the characteristics of stable detection, accurate classification and intelligent and convenient.  


1. Multiple functions

The system includes practical functions like pole pre-coating, coating defect inspection, abnormal dimension inspection, double-sided coating displacement inspection.

2. Precise classification

The precise classification of crease, scratch, leakagefoil, concave and convex point, wrinkle, pinhole, periodical defect and other defects can be realized based on multi-station, multi-light source, stroboscopic imaging technology and AI learning algorithm.

3.  In-depth customization

PLC closed-loop correction, single-side closed-loop, double-side closed-loop, output adjustment signal and other functions can be provided at the same time based on customer requests.


4. Smart and convenient

One click for use, with the function of printing, IO and Web interface, it can realize scanning code tracing, machine linkage, MES interaction and so on, replacing manual operation to a maximum degree.