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Online Vision Inspection System for Glass Edge & Corner

Based on the latest and most advanced vision imaging technology, Luster’s VisionGlass solutions are specially developed for solar glass quality inspection. It divides the glass edge into long side and short side, performs high-resolution imaging on the glass edge, analyzes and inspects the image according to the characteristics of the defect. This inspection system can realize online inspection as well as real-time display of defects and give an alarm. At the same time, it also can play a role of eliminating defective products in time, improving the process, and replacing manual inspection.


1. Accurately inspect all kinds of defects like chip, broken corner, burnt edge, right-angle and leaking bottom.

2. System will automatically mark the defected glass, or send a signal to unload platform.

3. Automatic lifting fuction (optional, convenient for blasting glass cleaning).

4. Customer can adjust the width of inspection system based on glass size.

5. Support for quality report of defects classification and analysis.