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Lithium Battery Separator Surface Inspection System

Lithium battery separator surface inspection system is a set of inline defect inspection system for lithium battery base film and coating film. Equipped with self-developed high-dynamic camera, patented light source, BatteryHero-Sep software system, offline eliminating system and automatic cleaning system, it has the characteristics of stable detection, accurate classification, intelligent and convenient.


1. Inspect all the way

From basilemma to coating cutting and full coverage of eliminating workflow, whole process like roller coating spraying could be customized.

2. Classify precisely

Multi-channel high speed stroboscopic imaging based on AI learning, realize precise defect classification like pinhole, thin point, coating leakage, spray leakage, and periodic defects.

3. In-depth customization

We have customized practical functions like leakage and spray inspection, offline eliminating, automatic cleaning etc based on the process and detailed requests and backed on senior R&D team.

4. smart and convenient

One click for use, automatic modeling and with the function of printing, IO and Web interface, it can realize scanning code tracing, machine linkage, MES interaction and so on, replacing manual operation to the maximum extent.