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LabelTANK-F Offline Inspection System

Integrated with rewinder/slitting rewinder, LabelHERO-F offers 100% quality control on finished rolls for final quality check to reduce customer rejection and complaints. Up to 300m/min speed, the production efficiency is optimized meanwhile to achieve 100% quality inspection of printing defects, 3D defects and variable data defects like missing print, dirty spot, mis-registration, broken writing, color variation, bubble, scratch and excessive glue etc. In addition, LUSTER also supply slitting rewinder to provide all-in-one platform for better performance and customer support.

Main Features

  • Strong Inspection Performance

Real 100% quality inspection of all sorts of printing defects and 3D defects like varnishing, coating and lamination defects. Also effectively inspect clear on clear labels, high reflective labels and other label type.

  • Easy-to-change Optical System

Unique “drawer” design enables customer to easily switch different light source and cameras to adapt to different product and substrates, improves system adaptability and utilization.

  • More Functions Integrated

In addition to detecting normal printing defects, it also has functions such as defect classification, color management, variable data inspection, PDF job proof etc.

  • Easy to Use

Only one master image is required for job setup for quick and easy start. Inspection can start from meter zero. Various automatic setup functions during job setup to make operator much easier to learn and use. All previous job will be saved and can be re-used for repeat jobs.