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New Year Address:Sailing through the Stormy 2020 to a Brand New 2021

Jan 01, 2021

The tough 2020 is about to pass, although many regions are still in the dark of the epidemic, the hope of conquering the darkness has appeared with the emergence of vaccines. As the New Year approaches, we are on behalf of all LUSTER staff to express our sincerest gratitude and send best wishes to our beloved customers, partners and friends, wishing all of you have a happy New Year! Let’s keep working together to sail through the storms and embrace a brand new 2021.



In the past 2020, we have provided innovative solutions, products and services to customers in the electronics manufacturing, printing and packaging, scientific imaging, transportation, stereo vision, optical communications, laser and sensing industries. In machine vision industry, we have provided a large number sets of vision devices, components, systems and intelligent equipment. By implanting eyes and brains into machines, the processing accuracy increased by 10 times, it greatly improved the efficiency, and facilitated the development of Chinese consumer electronics intelligent manufacturing. In display and printing & packaging industry, we have provided more than 1,000 sets of intelligent vision quality inspection equipment. We strived to implement GMQM big data intelligent quality management system to reduce thousands of laborious operators, create huge economic benefits, and helped the traditional printing factories to transform into the modern intelligent ones.


In the past 2020, we have also served advanced scientific research fields. In stereo vision aspect, we released AI Motion, a multi-person non-marked motion capture system, allows motion capture actors to get rid of the shackles of wearable devices, making digital human production easier and more efficient, and creating "workforce". In life sciences aspect, we provided core components for the world's largest throughput gene sequencer, and the optimal imaging solution for pathological slice scanners. In opitical fiber aspect, we provided high-end solutions for the integration of photonics and quantum information, and contributed to the breakthroughs in national bottleneck technologies.


In the past 2020, our "Key Technology and Application of Encoding Camera" project won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. Foxconn and Xiaomi strategically invested in LUSTER, based on the high strategic consensus in the field of intelligent manufacturing and industrial artificial intelligence, to accelerate LUSTER’s technological development in the field of industrial artificial intelligence and work together for a bright future for Chinese intelligent manufacturing.


In the past 2020, LUSTER’s new technology engine for the future, the "Knowledge and Reason Academy”, began to start its power. Its achievements in advanced light sources, advanced imaging and artificial intelligence fields directly supported the development of product technologies, built the new deep learning development platform, and establish the cooperation with top international AI teams in deep learning and knowledge engineering!


In the past 2020, we have served our customers wholeheartedly and enhanced our internal ability simultaneously. We sorted out internal organizational processes, upgrading ERP and CRM systems, introducing IE projects, connecting company’s entire processes, and starting to build up a digital "LUSTER Knowledge and Reason Building" to improve organizational efficiency, customer service response and satisfaction.


In the upcoming 2021, let’s grasp the historical opportunities created by information explosion and artificial intelligence, as well as intelligent interconnection. LUSTER will continue to practice the principle of quality-oriented, increase investment in artificial intelligence R & D, accelerate the development of intelligent and high-performance machine vision equipment and the construction of smart factories, and contribute to the realization of the strategy of invigorating the country through AI technology. Let’s get together to sail rapidly towards the future of technology.

                                                   LUSTER LightTech Co.,LTD.