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LabelExpo Europe 2017- Luster introduced next-generation LabelRoll inspection products with brand new color management solution

Jun 29, 2018

Seeing the marketing growth and integration of label and packaging industry, Luster is the only company that provides quality inspection solutions for label, flexible packaging and folding cartons. With our own innovative vision systems, it can detect all kinds of defects on different substrates. From 2013, It has been our third time of attending LabelExpo, and this time Luster presents the next-generation LabelRoll inspection products with stronger performance and higher efficiency which can support customers throughout the entire production process and help them improve their quality management and quality control to a higher level in much lower costs and greater efficiency.

The LabelRoll series are specifically developed for printing quality inspection of electronic labels, daily chemical labels, pharmaceutical labels, food label and other self-adhesive labels. Being able to be applied on the whole label printing workflow, the LabelRoll products can not only help users to reduce labor and material cost, but also enhance production efficiency and quality management level, which means more profit and competitiveness for customers. Luster provides different workflow solutions throughout the whole process. Moreover, Luster has its own innovative solution of inline inspection and offline elimination which can greatly enhance the whole efficiency.

Addition to common defects inspection, it can achieve superior inspection performance on very small defects like broken words and punctuation. What’s more, it provides the whole quality report and statistic data to review and analyze for quality management. Customer can also add variable data inspection module for accurate barcode, QR code inspection and classification. 3D inspection is also available for defects like bubble, crease, scratch and excessive glue.” She added.

Luster also released a brand new solution for inline color management which could be revolutionary for label printing quality management. For inline color control, it is critical to meet the speed and accuracy requirements, as well as provide real-time feedback to the operator. Luster’s brand new color management solution can reach up to 220 m/min speed during printing process. and it can support different color mode such as ΔE76, ΔE2000, ΔEcmc with high precision of ΔE≤1. Support for color management report, customers can review and analyze.

After the four-day exhibition, we realized that people are paying more and more attention to inspection technology in this industry, and more Chinese products are chosen by global customers because of good quality and service, not only the price advantage. So far, more than 1100 LUSTER systems have been sold to over 800 customers worldwide such as CCL, RAKO, Avery Dennison, Brady etc..