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Via advanced vision imaging technology, Luster provides sophisticated AOI solutions and products to conduct accurate, efficient and reliable test to TN/STN/TFT displays and touch screen in each link of LCD post production process. From 2004, Luster's equipments have been widely applied in world’s top LCD manufacturers such as SHARP, JDI, Innolux, AUO, TIANMA. With more than 70% of market share, Luster is the world’s leading supplier launching automatic optical inspection with high precision for LCD process.

  • ReTina 2100/4100 Series Lit-LCD AOI System


    The ReTina 2100/4100 Series is designed for the automatic optical inspection of lit screens, detecting the defects in LCD screens, such as dark spots, bright spots, dark lines, bright lines, Mura, etc., based on the vision and image processing technology.