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LUSTER has served in 3C industry for more than 10 years to continuously provide industrial customers with many processing, assembly and quality detection technology solutions and visual system products with self-owned intellectual property rights for relevant end-to-end products such as assembly of finished products, precision module, display touch screen and so forth, persistently meet comprehensive demands of 3C production line for continuously improving the precision, efficiency, flexibility and intellectualization and push this industry towards automation, intellectualization and self-service. 

  • Display and Touch Panel Process

    VisionALN is a vision system designed particularly for platform demands. By applying advanced vision technologies combined with visual alignment tech., PLC and other motion control technologies,VisionALN multiCamera systems can serve almost all 3C display and touch panel process acurate and effecent production.

  • Precision Module Assembling Process

    VisionBOX is our latest generation industry-leeding vision system designed for supporting complex vision tasks covering multi camera alignment, measurement, inspection, OCR functions. Based on highly reliable vision controller, VisionBOX can support 10 cameras synchronously, also include rich resources of image processing and analysis algorithms and functions with flexible development & maintenance environment to serve all process of precision module assembling.

  • Smart Phone Assembling Process

    VisionRobot is suitable for automatic picking, delivery tracking, precise placement, position adjustment etc..Unique 3D capabilities: Advanced single camera 3D technology, easy calibration, training and test by pressing only one button.

  • Back Housing and Laser Process

    VisionLASER is a specific application solution focusing on laser material processing accuracy control and quality feedback. Supply highly accurate laser
    guiding and control solution, also processing result inspection and real time feedback for quality control.