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Quality Inspection & Ink-jet Equipment Developed by LUSTER

Aug 25, 2021

Code quality, especially with regards to barcodes, is a top priority when printing, a poor-quality barcode may fail to scan, which can lead to rework and wasted material.

The printed documents are getting more personalized and variable data printing is becoming a norm, print bar codes are vary from sheet to sheet. Smart code is an efficient solution to track and trace products through the production and logistics phase, and nowadays codes have been given its own digital identify for full traceability and key information resource. Traditional batch printing cannot satisfy individual need for code vary from each other.

LUSTER designs and manufactures advanced print inspection technology to help achieve high print quality requirements. To achieve customer satisfaction, LUSTER give all-wave consideration to customer for better user experience.

The latest muti-purpose LUSTER CartonTANK-650S Offline Quality Inspection & Ink-jet Equipment enables the integration of printing and quality control, it can be used as an independent inkjet printing machine or all-in-one machine with both ink-jet and inspection function, especially for inkjet printing requirements less than 100,000 sheets per order. They ensure the highest quality and conformity standards throughout the entire production process, while improving processes and reducing costs.

LUSTER advanced vision system cover all quality issues: beyond detecting defects like streak line, missing print, dirty spot, splash, mis-registration, color variation as well as embossing defects, what’s more, the system can provide effective inspection and verification of variable data like barcodes and QR codes. It alerts based on quality and correct assignment to secure the best functionality. Benefits of the approach include greater printed code flexibility, reduced label waste, and better code quality. This solution is specially developed for carton packaging inspection such as pharmaceutical packaging, food & beverage packaging, 3C electronic products packaging, cosmetic packaging etc.

Features of LUSTER Carton TANK-650S

§  Switch between friction feeder and suction feeder

§  Calibration unit to ensure accurate position, real-time detection to ensure the code quality and improve data management

§  Calibration unit with surface treatment device to Improve ink-jet printing material adaptability

§  Two exits to separate common defect products and severe defect products