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All in Print China|LUSTER Invites You to join the Grand Event of Printing Industry

Sep 26, 2020

All in Print China 2020 will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 12th to 16th, 2020. LUSTER (Booth: A120, Hall N5) will exhibit with the brand new Carton Packaging quality inspection solution and many new features. We sincerely invite you to experience and look forward to seeing you!


Highlight 1: New Product Release  

Time: 10:30am, October 12th

LUSTER will release the brand new PrintMan-650 Inkjet & Quality Inspection All in One Machine at the expo. The new equipment will combine the function of inkjet printing and quality inspection, which can save both equipment cost and labor.

▲PrintMan-650 Inkjet & Quality Inspection All in One Machine

Brand new features:

l  All in One: inkjet printing + quality inspection machine, inkjet printing machine, offline quality inspection machine


l  Modular design, flexible application and cost-effective


l  Innovative optical design and structure to improve product stability


l  Creative vacuum technology- stronger power, more compact structure with less air consumption


l  Max. 150m/min inkjet speed


Highlight 2: On Booth Presentation

Presentation Schedule




10:30, 14:00


10:30, 14:00


10:30, 14:00


10:30, 14:00




Highlight 3: New Quality Inspection Solutions  


SmartFAB Intelligent Manufacturing & Quality Management System


The unified quality management integrating the ERP, MES and quality management systems can faultlessly record the quality information, including types of defects, the time of occurrence, the production line, the work order, the operator, and the tuning status. Meanwhile, it can also record the status and speed of product at every stage, as well as production information like output, number of rejects, and status of production line. In the complete execution of orders, various systems are seamlessly connected, which has effectively improved quality and efficiency, reducing costs and inventory.



Closed loop of quality inspection: Every order and even every roll of product is available for a closed loop of quality inspection and real-time defect discovery for the production line to improve.

 Improve work efficiency: There is a clear record of the production information of every order, which can improve the performance management of the enterprise and increase the work efficiency.

Defect control: The quality management system can discover and deal with defects in a timely manner, so as to prevent any waste and help enterprises to control the cost.

Monitoring of production process: Real-time confirmation of production lines and flexible allocation of materials. Monitoring of product quality during production to reduce rework orders and the dependence on inventory.

LalelMaster-F Label Quality Inspection System

LalelMaster-F Label Quality Inspection System matches the new generation of PrintingPlus6.0 inspection software. The all-in-one and compact design of optical components can match multiple modules, which can provide users with a more powerful and high-end label quality inspection solution.


Strong Inspection Performance: 100% quality inspection of common and very small defects and 3D defects like varnishing, coating and lamination errors. Also effectively inspect clear on clear labels, holographic materials and high-reflective materials.

More Functions Integrated: In addition to detecting normal printing defects, it also has functions such as defect classification, color management, variable data inspection, PDF Proof job reference etc. 

 Easy-to-change Optical System: Unique "drawer" design enables customer to easily switch different light source and cameras to adapt to

different product and substrates, improves system adaptability and utilization.

 Easy to Use: Only one master image is required for job setup for quick

and easy start. Inspection can start from meter zero. Various automatic setup functions during job setup to make operator much easily to learn and use. All previous job will be saved and can be re-used by one click.


PrintingProof System

The PrintingProof Inspection System can effectively proof digital fles, printing samples, and sample fles to control the quality in pre-press stage. The system is applicable throughout the whole process of printing, such as proofreading for the original sample and film assembly, initial printing, random printing sample inspection, etc.


 Pre-press: For the design of proofreading to ensure the consistency of design draft and the users’ needs; for proofing and proofreading to ensure the consistency of design draft and the content of platemaking draft.


• During Printing: For first inspection or random inspection to ensure the consistency of printing sample and the signing draft.