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Quality Revitalizes Industry | LUSTER 2022 Southeast Asia Packaging Show with Brand New Solutions

Jun 24, 2022

On 15-18 June 2022, the International Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition ProPakAsia (AKA: PPKA) was grandly launched in Bangkok, Thailand. PPKA, a professional packaging exhibition with a history of over 20 years, has a wide range and variety, focusing especially on promoting Southeast Asia, radiating the entire Asia-Pacific region and the whole world. Asian packaging market accounts for more than 40% of the global packaging market, and Southeast Asia is an emerging market with increasing demand.

In this exhibition, our international business team presented a new generation of label and flexible packaging inspection systems, showing the audience the quality management and inspection solutions of LUSTER in the printing and packaging industry in a comprehensive approach.

During the exhibition, the booth was crowded and supported by the extensive industry customers and partners, and some customers even signed orders directly on site! To understand the situation better, come and follow us to take a look!

Exhibition site

It was the first time that PPKA was conducted after the epidemic and attracted more than 800 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions around the world, covering 6 halls of BITEC. Among the visitors, there were buyers, students and associations, so it can be said that it was a large-scale exhibition in the BITEC hall after the epidemic. In this exhibition, LUSTER was located at booth BK11 in Hall 103.

LUSTER's exhibits

Since  its foundation, LUSTER has invested heavily in R&D annually to research customer needs continuously, iterate on products and continuously improve product performance and quality to help customers improve quality management, increase efficiency and reduce production


In this exhibition, we focus on the new generation of label and flexible packaging quality inspection system, and RewindTANK high-speed rewinder, to bring more comprehensive, higher performance and automation solutions to the industry users.

LabelHERO Series Label Inspection System

LabelHERO series label inspection machines adopt the integrated design of inspection, slitting and rewinding machines, equipped with high-resolution optical imaging systems, high-speed image processing workstations and a new generation of PrintingPlus inspection software, mainly for label pre-shipment printing quality inspection, which can significantly help customers improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency. In addition, on the basis of the original products, there are further improvements especially for die-cutting inspection, text inspection capability and ease of use of the software.

Minimal one-click modeling

  • Text area, die cutting area, variable code area and other areas can be extracted with one click, parameters can be set automatically, and modeling time is shortened to 30 seconds, easy to learn.

"Drawer type" lighting system

  • Convenient and quick pull-out lighting and camera to meet the diversified inspection needs of conventional products, double-transparent products, laser products, etc.

Significant improvement in inspection capability

  • Text inspection and die-cutting inspection capability has been greatly improved, especially the capability of inspecting missing punctuation marks has reached the international leading level.
  • Achieve basically zero false alarm, and reduce the time of machine restart and stop caused by false alarm, and improve the inspection efficiency by 30%.

Combining various functions

  • In addition to conventional defect inspection, we also include functions such as PDF alignment, variable code inspection, high precision inspection of color difference, and defect classification to meet different needs.

PackHERO Series Flexible Packaging Inspection System

The newly introduced PackHERO series flexible packaging inspection system and RewindTANK series high-speed inspection rewinder are developed by LUSTER based on more than 20 years of flexible packaging inspection accumulation, specifically for the high-speed inspection and rewinding rejection needs of flexible packaging, plastic film and laminated film. The highest inspection speed is 600 meters/minute, and the rewinder speed can reach 500 meters/minute, with high stability and high precision inspection, and further enhance the modeling and ease of use.

Highly integrated, high stability

  • Highly integrated vision inspection system and rewinder, small space, simple operation, easy installation and adjustment.
  • Stable tension control technology ensures stability at 500 m/min, low vibration and stable body.

Efficient management of inspection customization

  • Multiple inspection lighting brightness to match different printing materials.
  • New AI algorithm to improve shallow defect inspection capability and integrate many functions.

User-friendly design

  • Remote diagnostic service by IOT system.
  • One-touch modeling for front and back side and touch screen navigation on both sides of the rewind and unwind for easy operation.
  • Pre-set up for repeated use, which reduces setup time.

Flexible options

  • Optional waste trimming function with trimming blade and air suction.
  • Optional edge winding machine and unloading arm.

Since the very beginning, LUSTER has always concentrated on providing high quality products for over 20 years, and has now developed into one of the few companies in China that provides full-stage inspection solutions in the carton industry, flexible packaging industry and label industry.

Meanwhile, we are committed to construct smart factories with intelligent equipment as the core of the end layout and intelligent production line management as the core of the side layout.

In the future, LUSTER will continue to focus on Industrial Artificial Intelligence, using production management, process management, quality management, big data and artificial intelligence to construct smart factories, with high quality, high stability, zero complaints products and services to optimize production processes and reduce costs and increase efficiency for our global customers, to jointly promote industrial artificial intelligence with relentless efforts!

LUSTER has confirmed to attend the Plastics & Rubber Trade Fair (K show 2022) in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 19-26 this year, with the booth number 8bH11-01, we are looking forward to meeting you all onsite!