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Beyond Imagination | LUSTER's inspection solutions at K2022

Nov 03, 2022

From October 19-26, 2022, the International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as K) was held at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany, which is currently the largest, highest level and most professional representative plastics exhibition in the world. In this exhibition, LUSTER's international business team presented its high-speed and ultra-precise vision inspection solutions at K2022.

  • Time: October 19-26, 2022
  • Venue: Düsseldorf, Germany, Hall 8b, Booth H11-01

In this exhibition, LUSTER brings new upgraded quality management solutions, including the new generation of self-developed intelligent printing quality inspection system PackHERO, through a comprehensive upgrade of hardware and software, embedded AI intelligent algorithms, which greatly improve the ease of use and inspection performance of the system, and truly help customers achieve "zero defect" delivery. The PackHERO series of products are intelligent, high-precision, automated print quality inspection equipment developed for wide web products such as cigarette packs, laminated paper, liquid packs, aluminum foil, film and other industries.

"Faster" than ever before

Industrial pain point 1- Mismatch in speed:

In order to improve efficiency, flexible packaging printing equipments are continuously being upgraded, and the current production speed of the latest generation of printing and rewinding machines has surpassed 300m/min and yet the current generation of mainstream inspection equipments cannot fully match the requirements of manufacturers in terms of capacity.

LUSTER Exclusive Solution:

  • The new generation PackHERO inspection system can reach a maximum inspection speed of 600 m/min without losing the inspection capability at the current stage.
  • With the use of customized high-performance IPC, high-performance self-developed cameras, and the latest VisionPrint7 software system, the speed of image capture and software computing has increased twice or more.

"Clearer" than ever before

Industrial pain point 2 - Missing Defects:

As end-users are less and less tolerant of minor defects on the packaging, many inspection systems miss minor and small defects, and the actual inspection capability does not achieve 100% coverage of defects.

LUSTER Exclusive Solution:

  • The new generation of PackHERO inspection system doubles the inspection capability of extreme defects such as low contrast streak, oblique streak in any direction, and small letters.
  • With deep AI learning technology and newly upgraded graphics cards, we can inspect 1~2DN streak and significantly reduce false alarm.

"Easier" than ever before

Industrial pain point 3 - Low efficiency:

At present, many inspection equipments and software are cumbersome to operate and require on-site deployment of parameters. It is difficult for printing enterprises to recruit, the turnover rate is high, and the difficulty of training new employees leads to downtime failures caused by poor use of equipment in actual operation. In addition, equipment maintenance can only wait for technical support from manufacturers, which greatly reduces production efficiency.

LUSTER Exclusive Solution:

  • New interface: preset parameter templates, the new defect map makes inspection information clear at a glance; VisionPrint7 supports one click fast template setup for various materials in only 20 seconds.
  • Low failure frequency and self-testable: The optical image acquisition system, electric control, electric cabinet and other structural components adopt new anti-fatigue design,  the software system adds a new self-check function, which means a self-test when the machine is turned on, and the software controls the hardware start and alarm.

Under the influence of "14th Five-Year Plan" for the development of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0 and other policies, it has been a global trend to upgrade traditional industries to intelligent manufacturing. In the future, LUSTER will continue to empower the intelligent manufacturing of electronics manufacturing, new display, printing and packaging, new energy, film and animation, scientific image, rail transportation and other industries with its matrix of standardized intelligent equipment. Together with all advanced enterprises, we hope to promote digital transformation, cloud collaboration and intelligent change in the global manufacturing industry in order to create a visual ecology in the era of Industry 4.0!

We will release a major upgrade to our label inspection solution at the end of November this year, with significant enhancements for common letter, die-cut and variable code defects in the label industry, and a more visualized inspection interface, giving your inspection efficiency a whole new level of boost, so stay tuned!