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LUSTER Shines at drupa 2024: AI+Vision Leads the Printing Industry Revolution

Jun 21, 2024

On June 7th, as the world's largest printing industry event—drupa 2024—draws to a close, LUSTER made a spectacular appearance with a variety of innovative exhibits. Chairman Yates Yao attended the concurrent "Road to China, Road to the World" Printing Innovation Technology Cooperation Forum 2024, delivering a keynote speech.

As a leader in the field of printing inspection, LUSTER has always adhered to the development philosophy of "Implant Eyes and Brains in Machines," committed to empowering the quality inspection and management of the printing industry with AI+Vision. The company's international printing business has maintained a continuous high-speed growth in recent years.

During the exhibition, LUSTER brought intelligent factory solutions and star products for printing quality inspection of labels, flexible packaging, carton packaging, and books, such as the CartonHERO offset Inline Printing inspection system, LabelHERO-F Offline Inspection System, and PackHERO-F Offline Inspection System, attracting hundreds of customers around the world to visit and experience.

In conjunction with the exhibition, LUSTER, in collaboration with the China Packaging Federation, Keyin Media, and Founder Electronics, successfully held "Printing Innovation Technology Cooperation Forum 2024". An assembly of over a hundred distinguished guests from across the printing and packaging spectrum—associations, enterprises, suppliers, and media—convened to explore the confluence of innovation and collaboration.

At the forum, Chairman Yates Yao, with the theme "AI empowering the future of quality inspection," systematically elaborated on the core value of AI in printing quality inspection and the best practices accumulated in actual application. He mentioned that the renowned quality management master Dr. Joseph Juran pointed out that the 21st century is the century of quality. LUSTER, through AI+Vision technology, has achieved efficiency enhancement, precision optimization, and significant enhancement of complex defect recognition capabilities for traditional manual inspection methods, bringing significant benefits such as cost savings, production efficiency improvement, and product quality assurance to printing enterprises. In April of this year, LUSTER helped the leading Chinese pharmaceutical packaging company, Tianjin Yiyao Printing Co., Ltd., which has a history of 66 years, to start a smart factory. In less than a year, it achieved full process automation, digitalization, and networking from design, plate making, printing to post-processing, helping the enterprise gradually achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. In addition, he shared how to deeply integrate AI with printing enterprise management systems, including using big data analysis to predict potential faults, intelligent scheduling to optimize resource allocation, and AI-based decision support systems to help management make accurate decisions.

In the future, LUSTER will continue to practice the concept of "Implant Eyes and Brains in Machines," promoting the improvement of quality inspection and management levels in the global printing industry with AI and machine vision as dual engines.