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LUSTER Takes the Crown in CVPR Industrial Quality Inspection Challenge

May 26, 2023

LUSTER emerges victorious in the CVPR 2023 Industrial Quality Inspection Challenge, showcasing the precision, affordability, and flexibility of industrial quality inspection in the new era of intelligent manufacturing.

CVPR, the "Oscars" of computer vision, is a prestigious global conference that attracts top companies, research institutions, and universities. LUSTER's success at CVPR further establishes its leadership in the field.

The workshop "VISION," jointly organized by Apple, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and others, aims to bridge research advancements and industrial needs in visual inspection.

LUSTER's project on "Data-efficient Industrial Defect Detection" secures first place in the VISION Track 1 competition, highlighting their technological innovation and dedication to addressing quality inspection challenges.

With a focus on digital transformation, LUSTER will continue providing intelligent and efficient quality inspection solutions across various industries, including 3C electronics, new energy, automotive, photovoltaics, and glass, ensuring a reliable quality “gateway”.