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LUSTER's showcase at CITE2022

Aug 15, 2022
China Information Technology Expo (“CITE”) is a national platform for displaying the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry. From 16th to 18th of August, LUSTER will bring you four modules of new product demonstrations at Hall 1, Booth 1B026.

GMQM Big Data Information Center: An intelligent system for quality inspection and process feedback in a smart factory, establishing accurate defect metrics and inspection, and optimizing quality (standard, process) management continuously and dynamically. By putting quality benchmark, quality big data real-time analysis and quality early warning in the smart factory, it truly realizes the smart factory and can be widely used in #printing, #display, #3C intellectual manufacturing, #PCB inspection and other industries.

Display inspection: We help our customers achieve intelligent industrial production quality management through automated inspection of cell phone screen modules and cell phone mid-frames. Our products have been widely used in #Foxconn factory production lines.

Lithium Battery Vision Inspection: For the inline defect inspection system of each process of lithium battery, LUSTER's system is equipped with self-developed high dynamic camera, lighting and inspection system, which has been widely used in upstream and downstream production lines of lithium battery industry, including raw material (copper and aluminum foil) inspection, aluminum-plastic film inspection, diaphragm inspection, electrode coating sub-die cutting inspection, laminated wrap inspection, back-end inspection, etc.

LCubor series 3D measurement system: A 3D camera that reconstructs 3D point clouds based on the surface array structured light coding and decoding technology and triangulation principle for the subject, and probes the 3D information of the subject based on the acquired point clouds for data processing and analysis. This measurement camera can be used in: #3C electronics industry, #semiconductor industry, #automotive industry, #3D imaging of various small and medium-sized components, #product defect inspection, #surface flatness inspection, #industrial measurement, #reverse engineering,etc.

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