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LUSTER at CIFTIS 2022 | Experience the Metaverse, Unlock the Digital Human

Sep 07, 2022

Technology with love - AI sign language digital human real-time translation interaction

The theme of the Haidian Pavilion is "Play in Metaverse, Feel the Internet 3.0", and visitors can enjoy the amazing experience brought by AI, digital twin and other technologies. The sign language broadcast digital human jointly created by LUSTER and Zhipu AI is introducing the overall situation of Haidian Pavilion in sign language. By scanning the QR code on site and entering the text they want to translate, visitors can experience AI sign language real-time translation as well.

During this year's Beijing Winter Olympics, LUSTER's technical team combined digital human and AI to broadcast the event and the results of the competition for the hearing-impaired community. In the future, this application is expected to be implemented in public places such as airports and train stations to create a barrier-free environment for the entire society.

Virtual reality integration - 3D digital human content immersive experience

The new audiovisual pavilion focuses on "audiovisual changes life, digital creates future", where LUSTER combines a full wall of 3D display to show the virtual content of digital human, giving visitors an immersive experience of face-to-face with digital human.

LUSTER has built a digital human production and broadcasting base in Beijing, combining vision technology with film and television industrialization experience, and developed interactive hardware and software such as "digital human Production and Live Broadcasting System" and "Virtual Filming and Acting System" for digital human production process, modeling, animation, rendering synthesis and other key aspects, to achieve digital human production and digital human virtual reality filming production, and has participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala, "Crazy Aliens" and many other TV programs and special effects production of film and television productions.

Motion Capture Boost - Live Virtual Idol Show

In the sub-center theme pavilion, through LUSTER‘s FZMotion motion capture system, the hyper-realistic digital idol can read poems in real time, promoting Chinese culture in the metaverse.

In the coming future, more digital human will appear in different scenarios to explore the completion of more difficult instructions, broaden the new track of digital economy development and help the construction of digital China. LUSTER provides a full-stack digital content production platform and application solutions, and we hope to help the development of the digital human industry by accelerating the production process intelligently.