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LUSTER Online Training Session on Vocational Skills for Carton Packaging Quality Inspection 2.0 --- Focusing on False Alarms and Missing Inspections

Oct 24, 2022
Based on the preliminary research, our instructors summarized the two major concerns of our customers: missing inspections and false alarms, which led to a targeted thematic instruction and thorough explanation of all relevant aspects of knowledge, allowing customers to train their practical skills and solve actual problems.

How to deal with "MISSING INSPECTIONS"?

Our instructor listed 5 reasons why the problem occurred: imaging effects, inspection parameters, waste reject reasons, template setup, template images, and analyzed and interpreted for each reason with standard state demonstration. In addition, the instructor also used remote access mode to share the interface of the customer's factory being operated on site, and explained in detail the various points of attention for template setup, the operation and process requirements for using the new drug regulatory code, and the inspection of light defects, so that the participants could really understand and apply what they learned.

How to deal with "FALSE ALARM"?

For false alarms, compare the images first, analyze whether they are real false alarms from the surface, and in which inspection surface they are found. Then, other aspects can be analyzed, such as:

1. Template setup and parameter setting

2. The problem of overprinting deviation in the printing or post-printing process of the product itself

3. The stability of the paper feeding

4. Loose suction belt causing image fluctuation during transmission

Since 2022, LUSTER has prepared and organized four online training sessions, in which nearly 1,000 customers have participated and accompanied us along the way. Through communication and interaction with customers, we understand what our customers really think and care about, so that we can continuously advance and optimize. In the future, LUSTER will bring better training courses and customer service. So stay tuned!