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A Win-Win Future Together I A Strategic Partnership Agreement between LUSTER & BOBST

Nov 25, 2022

On November 18, 2022, at the "BOBST 2022 VIP Customer Day" in Changzhou, LUSTER and BOBST signed a strategic cooperation agreement on-site, which strengthens the formal strategic partnership and contributes to the overall development of the printing and packaging industry in the future.

Founded in 1890 in Lausanne, Switzerland, BOBST Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board industries, with a global presence in more than 50 countries and 19 plants in 11 countries.

Welcome dinner for VIP Guests

On the evening of November 17, LUSTER and BOBST co-hosted a VIP customer welcome dinner at Shangri-La Hotel in Changzhou to welcome our guests from all over the country.

Quality Revitalizes Industry

On November 18, during the VIP Customer Day, Mr. Kejun Zhang, Product Solution Director of LUSTER Intelligent Industry BU, shared with the audience about "LUSTER integrated solution of quality inspection system", which received strong attention from customers.

Zhang said: the requirement for printing quality inspection is getting stricter as the current flexible packaging industry is evolving rapidly. There are a lot of pain points that the industry is facing such as mismatches between inspection speed and printing speed, weak text inspection skills, redundant manual settings, etc. Therefore, a user-friendly, hassle-free and intelligent inspection system is particularly crucial. The new generation PackHERO inspection system launched by LUSTER is just the right product, not only the interface is completely upgraded, the display of the partition is clear at a glance; One-click template setup with high accuracy and no false alarm. PackHERO is the intelligent inspection system that truly helps customers achieve "zero complaints".

Signing the Strategic Cooperation Agreement

LUSTER and BOBST signed the agreement of "BOBST & LUSTER 100% quality inspection system cooperation" on-site.

At BOBST's Flexible Packaging Technology Demonstration Center in Changzhou, LUSTER's integrated inline quality inspection system, launched in BOBST RS 3.0 PLUS gravure printing machine, was shown to industry customers for the first time and gained the attention of the audience. One indicated that such a highly customized inspection system can further help companies achieve 0-defect production, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency, and thus gain greater profits.

In the future, LUSTER will continue to work together with BOBST to carry out vigorous cooperation, collaborate to upgrade industrial intelligence and help the printing industry develop with superior quality!