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New Year Address: For a shared and brighter future

Dec 31, 2022

Dear Friends,

2022 is a  milestone for LUSTER. All LUSTERNESE collectively overcame the challenges from COVID-19 , supply chain shortage , successfully listed on the SSE STAR Market.  In this New Year, we would like to show you our sincere appreciation and to all our customers and partners , and pay our respects to all  LUSTERNESE.  We wish you all a happy New Year!

1.    In 2022,  LUSTER embarked on  a new path

In 2022, LUSTER have focused on machine  vision and fiber optics,  created the technological innovation platform of optical imaging, automation, software, algorithms and big data,and pay more attention to the independent research and development and quality control. We have obtained 550 patents, including 278 invention patents, and 257 software copyrights,and have set 14 national, industrial  and group standards. We also have won many national and provincial honors and projects including "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "First Prize of Beijing Technical Invention",etc.  In the advantageous fields of electronics manufacturing and printing packaging, we have improved the process capability and flexibility of equipment, built the next generation of fully automatic intelligent production lines and intelligent quality management systems. We have delivered a large volume of cell phone mid-frame inspection equipment, expanding the market share in Apple and its industrial chain. We have launched PackHERO ——the new generation intelligent printing quality inspection system, to make our customers achieve "zero defect" delivery. We have successfully implemented the intelligent production management solution in Huangshan Yongxin to promote the upgrade of printing and packaging of smart factories.

In the frontier fields such as new energy and metaverse , we have launched intelligent vision products and solutions such as lithium battery separator inspection, electrode inspection and appearance inspection, which have covered the whole process section of production and passed the supply chain certification of many industry head enterprises. Besides, we have released optical motion capture system FZMotion, light field reconstruction system LuStage and virtual production solutions LuXR, which have strengthened the foundation of autonomous technology, and achieved the efficiency and quality of digital content production, serving CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Winter Olympic Games, World Cup etc. 

In the field of advanced imaging, artificial intelligence and other technologies, we created high-resolution, high-speed 150 million pixels large area scan cameras and the optoelectronic performance test platform Themis  to meet a variety of cameras, and chip imaging test calibration. We have released the industrial quality inspection deep learning platform F.Brain which has been rapidly deployed in manufacturing scenarios such as the lithium industry application. In fiber optics, we have consolidated the market position of special fiber optic processing applications and have been highly recognized by TOP partners in the industry.

In terms of industrial ecological construction, we have focused on participating in preparing the "Edge Computing Vision Infrastructure White Paper", "Image-Based Inspection Method for Vision Module Optoelectronic Performance", and other standard specifications. We have led the initiation of the Virtual Reality Working Group of the World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance and the New Energy Special Committee of the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. We have also joined the Packaging and Printing Brand Cluster, 3C Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Consortium and other organizations as key members, which contribute to the development of the industry.

In the past year, we have also focused on upgrading the organization, optimizing operations and strengthening internal control. We have upgraded the electronic manufacturing and intelligent industry into business divisions, set up platform-level business units for intelligent cameras and vision systems, increased the authorization of PDT organizations and adapted to the operating rules of different customer projects. We have set up four major middle-end departments, from strategy to research, production, supply, sales and service, and built the Suzhou manufacturing center to guarantee the allocation of resources to the front line at any time. Other than that, we have set up AT organizations in each department to strengthen HRC operations, built four major group committees to enhance personnel management standardization and improve the quality of decision-making. We have also made professional constructions for backstage departments such as quality, operation, internal control and audit, which can optimize performance management and stimulate organizations at all levels. We have completed the design plan for Suzhou Wuzhong i-Luster's large-scale integrated industrial park and will start building soon.

2.     Vision + AI, well-grounded, well-prepared  

Thanks to our country, at the end of 2022, we are coming out of the long tunnel of COVID-19 and ushering in a period of high-quality development. Optics, Internet, computing power, AI and other new-generation information technologies are flourishing and becoming the engine to speed up the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries. The grand pattern of "vision + AI" is driving the industrial metaverse to become a national industrial upgrading strategy. 

The brightest road is also the most difficult one, and the IPO brings us the best resource and partners, as well as tremendous challenges. At present, the quality requirements of world-class enterprises for precision manufacturing are constantly pushing the limits, putting more urgent demands on us to speed up innovation. Over the past 20 years, we have been working in machine vision and have built an integrated product technology system in "optical, mechanical, electrical, computing and software". Offices and business centers have been set up in 12 cities across the country, and overseas branches in the U.S., Vietnam and India are landing soon.

We are fortunate to partner with world-class companies such as Apple, Foxconn, and CATL to build the world's top smart manufacturing cluster. What our customers require from us is to achieve uniform quality standards throughout the factory, to release the hard-working manual operations, to improve process equipment and quality management with vision + AI technology, and to empower managers to make convenient decisions. We are grateful to walk with the giants and practice the hardest work!

3.    Embrace the great era of intelligence of everything

Standing on the threshold of 2023, we will continue to  pay close attention to the leading technology and quality control,  and concentrate on the effectiveness of our organization, operation and management.

We  survive on the high quality  products and service. We should always take solving user pain points as our own business and penetrate the zero-defect reinforcement needle into the product development process. We will increase strategic investment in vision + AI technology, firmly take the intelligent and integrated route of the vision system, enhance the integration of intelligent cameras, and increase the investment in self-research of core components. In addition, we will continue to build a scientific and smart factory quality and equipment system and unify the product standard, apply lean production and Six Sigma quality management to build a production and quality data center that will serve product process improvement and management intelligence. We will vigorously develop new-generation technology applications such as deep learning, machine learning, and knowledge mapping to continuously break through the limits of manual operation.

In terms of improving organizational and operational efficiency, we will  enhance supply chain resilience, and improve planning and production capacity. We will also recruit talents from all over the world and pay attention to the health and happiness of employees.  Furthermore, we will improve corporate governance, investment and financing management, adhere to the bottom line of compliance and assume more social responsibility.

In short, standing on top of the peaks of the industrial metaverse, the artificial intelligence revolution is about to change our future. To be the enabler and leader of the vision+AI world is the best role for LUSTER in this best era, and we will keep striving with great enthusiasm! Let's focus on the strategy and spread our passion to meet the great era of all things intelligent with excellent results!  We sincerely wish you all a happy and successful New Year! 

LUSTER LightTech Co., Ltd.