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Q&As with the Chairman & Founder of LUSTER

May 25, 2022

Our founder, Yates Yao, has some thoughts to share about the company's vision, product quality, customer relations and future plans.

Q: As the Chairman & Founder of LUSTER, what is the vision that you have set for the company?

A: LUSTER delivered our first inspection equipment since 2002, and for more than two decades we have gone through a start-up period, a growth period, and an expansion period. We have been firmly engaged in quality control automation since 2016, and our main business area is in configurable vision systems, and we have been working to become a global leader in vision artificial intelligence and optoelectronic information.

Q: How do you see QUALITY?

A: The essence of quality is what the customer decides, and the work is valuable only when the user feels worthy. The definition of quality is to meet the customer's requirements. Quality does not arise from inspection, but exists from prevention. Therefore, the benchmark of our work is zero defect.

Q: Do you have anything to share with LUSTER's customers?

A: In the field of surface inspection, display inspection and 3C manufacturing inspection, LUSTER has transformed from single device inspection to multi-device inspection and then to multi-station production line factory consulting.

In the field of surface inspection, LUSTER has started to do intelligent manufacturing quality management inspection and consulting. In the past ten years, LUSTER has liberated a large number of manpower in the display inspection industry, one appearance inspection equipment can replace more than fifty workers, this is LUSTER's contribution to our customers and the industry. In the future, LUSTER will continue to focus on industrial artificial intelligence, using production management, process management, quality management, big data, and artificial intelligence to structure unmanned factories. Personally, I do hope that our customers will continue to trust us and help us contribute to the development of the industry together!

Q: What is LUSTER's future plan for overseas markets?

A: LUSTER only started the international business a few years ago, but we have made exciting progress all over the world. There are over 600 installations of our quality inspection system for customers in 46 countries. The key to our business is to listen to the customer and keep innovative; Provide quality products and create great value for our customers. Moreover, service is critical, customer must feel comfortable  and confident in our quick, professional services. and we also bring the reasonable price to customers, to help them earn more. In the future, we will keep the same commitment as we do now, and we plan to be  more localized, be closer to our customers and partners, and create greater satisfaction.