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Industry Benchmark? LUSTER Products at Sino-Label

Mar 12, 2022

In order to meet the regret of customers who can't come to the exhibition, LUSTER specially recorded a detailed explanation video to thoroughly explain each exhibit, so that visitors can view the whole picture and see the details at home.

The most popular product was the LabelTANK-330 label inspection system. It is equipped with a new generation of PrintingPlus6.0 inspection software, equipped with high-resolution optical imaging system, high-speed image processing workstation and high-speed inspection platform, mainly used for label pre-shipment printing quality inspection, helping customers to improve quality and reduce customer complaints. Its core software PrintingPlus6.0 is developed independently by LUSTER and has made transformative upgrades in practical applications, with the following four highlights:

  • Simpler modeling operation

Text area, die-cut area, variable code area and other areas can be extracted with one click, automatic parameter setting, no manual adjustment, modeling time reduced to 30 seconds, easy to learn.

  • Significantly reduce false alarms

The system has overcome the industry problem of false alarm caused by printing overprint and die-cutting offset, basically achieving zero false alarm, greatly reducing the machine start-up and stop time caused by false alarm, and increasing the inspection efficiency by 30%.

  • Significantly improved inspection capability

On the premise of completely eliminating false alarms caused by printing overprint and die-cutting bias, the inspection capability of text inspection and die-cutting has been greatly improved, and the inspection capability of broken letters and missing punctuation marks has reached the international leading level.

In addition, LabelTANK-330 label inspection system is also equipped with a modular inspection box, which can realize three kinds of light source pull-out quick replacement to meet the diversified inspection needs of conventional products, clear on clear products, metallic products, etc.

PrintingProof Inspection Software

PrintingProof inspection system is mainly based on PrintingProof Inspection software as the core, equipped with scanning equipment to form a set of inspection system, can identify the differences between electronic documents and electronic documents, electronic documents and printing samples, printing samples and printing samples, with three core advantages:

  • Wide range of application

It can be applied to both the front-end of production, printing and proofing to prevent the emergence of large quantities of unqualified products, as well as in the production process to record the trend of quality changes in the production process through scanning and sampling.

  • Inspection of many types

In terms of inspection objects, the PrintingProof Inspection software can be used for the proofing of black background and gray letters, gold and silver cards with inconspicuous contrast or special materials; for the proofing of minor defects such as broken letters and broken drawings, the PrintingProof Inspection software can be used and ensure accuracy.

  • High Inspection efficiency

Compared to manual inspection, the PrintingProof Inspection software can increase inspection efficiency from 20% to 80%.

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