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LUSTER Online Training Session on Vocational Skills for Label Printing Quality Inspection

Apr 24, 2022

Despite the recurrence COVID epidemic 🦠 in China, LUSTER's customer service has been uninterrupted! This time we took our service online with a live course to bring vocational skills training to our label printing customers in China.

A sneak peek at the new upgrades

In this live training, nothing was more anticipated than the unveiling of the new generation label inspection system. Deze Hsu, Product Solution Manager of the Intelligent Industry Division, gave an in-depth explanation of the newly upgraded label inspection system. The newly upgraded inspection system not only has a modified interface, but also has more highlights! Once it was unveiled, it was widely praised by the customers in the living chat room, and they all left comments and inquiries, looking forward to the new version of the software coming online as soon as possible.

New skin, better look
  • A new layout more concise and intuitive.
  • With real-time image display area, defect image comparison area, defect mini-map, precision adjustment and new defect map display.
  • Better visual effects and more reasonable color matching.

Simpler Modeling with just one click extraction
  • Fully guided automatic modeling with one-click extraction of text area, die-cutting area and variable code area.
  • Automatic parameter setting, no manual adjustment, easy to learn.
  • Modeling time is reduced to 30 seconds, and the training process is easy.

Achieve almost zero false alarms, with better inspection capability and higher efficiency.
  • Overcome the industry challenge of misjudgment comprehensively due to overprint and die-cutting offset, basically achieving zero false alarm.
  • Reduce the equipment deceleration and downtime significantly due to misjudgment, and increase the inspection efficiency by 30%.
  • On the basis of the comprehensive elimination of text and die-cutting false alarms, the inspection capability has been greatly improved, especially the inspection capability of broken letters and missing punctuation, which has reached the international leading level.

Upgraded Control, Greater Stability
  • Optimized and upgraded machine control program, the stopping error is controlled at 20mm, with more stable and accurate stopping.
  • Comprehensive upgrade of lighting source, more balanced brightness and up to 5 years of lifespan.

Theory + Practice - A more thorough explanation

For the practical operation of label printing inspection system, senior customer service engineer Jinlong Pan gave the audience a comprehensive and thorough explanation. Firstly, the theoretical knowledge was shared: he systematically shared the hardware composition of label printing inspection equipment and introduced the working principle and working status of each component; Secondly, the principle of inspection was explained, which gave everyone a clear perception of the essence of inspection. On this basis, the common failures and and maintenance methods of the machine were explained in detail, so that LUSTER's customers can prevent the problems before they happen.

In the hands-on demonstration session. Pan, the engineer, started with a software modeling session, allowing the audience to visually learn how the software operation is done correctly and efficiently. Then he showed and explained the important parts of the machine and how they work and their operating conditions, so that the audience could understand the " underlying story" of the printing inspection.

Excellent service, favourable comments

Customer JUAN expressed the appreciation for this event organized by LUSTER, and many customers also left messages and hoped that more events like this could be organized next time. LUSTER insists on customer-oriented, the service to customers never stops and the service quality continues to improve!

Worried about missing the core content of this presentation? We got you! Our expert will make sure you get what you want even if you missed this training session.

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A little sneak preview: LUSTER will hold an online training session for the flexible packaging industry in June this year, so stay tuned!