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LUSTER Online Training Session on Vocational Skills for Flexible Packaging Printing Quality Inspection

Jun 27, 2022
On June 24, the online training on LUSTER's vocational skills for flexible packaging printing quality inspection was successfully held. Once again, LUSTER delivered a practical course for flexible packaging printing customers across China.

Mining Your Potentials

Wenzhao Fang, Product Solution Manager of Intelligent Industry BU, introduced the overall business plan of the company in the printing smart factory business first.

In terms of visual inspection solutions for flexible packaging, inspection software has always been the core strength of LUSTER, and iterative upgrades never stop, designed to provide customers with solutions that are easier to use and have better inspection performance.

In the second half of 2022, LUSTER's flexible packaging inspection software will be upgraded completely. This new upgraded software system will have a great improvement in both UI design and functional experience, feel free to consult with your regional manager to experience it first!

In-depth explanation of the theory and the practice

The highlight of this live class is still the training for the practical operation of the system. Senior customer service manager Jinlong Pan explained the principle of inspection so that everyone has a clear perception of the nature of inspection.

On top of that, he explained the composition of the machine, the functional role of each part of the machine, installation details and maintenance methods based on the real flexible packaging offline machine in detail, and the intuitive explanation was closer to the actual application scenario, which was very rewarding for the participants.

After that, Pan demonstrated the operation of software modeling by sharing the screen. In the Q&A session, he conducted a live call to answer the questions of the participants in order to answer the questions of the customer participants more straightforwardly.

For the common malfunction of the machine equipments, the customer service manager Qing Chow gives the explanation of the solution, so that the customers can prevent the problem before it happens and deal with it smoothly.

While delivering products and solutions that meet industry standards, LUSTER is committed to putting customer service first, with uninterrupted customer service and consistent service quality!

Our online training session for Carton Packaging printing quality inspection is also in the pipeline, so stay tuned!