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Printing Inspection makes the Printing Process Standardized and Visualized

Mar 30, 2022
For brand owners, the customization of packaging begins with the design, and the perfect restoration of the design draft to the finished product requires the cooperation of the printing company.

For printing enterprises, there are many factors that affect the quality of the print, such as the quality of the original, the quality of the printing plate, the quality of raw and sample materials, the skill level of personnel, equipment precision, workshop temperature and humidity, water and ink balance, etc. Problems with any one of these factors will directly or indirectly have an impact on the quality of the print. Therefore, it needs repeated debugging and confirmation from the design draft to the finished product. From the layers of different types of work, when we encounter major projects such as product upgrades and new product launches, we also ask customers to sign and confirm on site to avoid delivery disputes.

But what are the criteria for such an obviously subjective task? What is the key for confirmation? What kind of printing defects must be corrected? What kind of minor points can be ignored for the time being? It seems like no one can explain these questions clearly, and the printing inspection standard has become a mysterious existence that can only be understood but not spoken, and the inspection confirmation has become a work that is difficult to clarify --- "Anyway, the leader/customer has the final say".

What are the aspects that a good quality standard should include?

A unified standard, the whole process of control, printing quality management should be throughout the entire process of design, optimization, proofing, batch printing, brand quality inspection of incoming materials, in order to maximize and provide the most comprehensive quality assurance.

A unified quality standard consists of two aspects, one is to give a clear distinction between printing products with quality problems (especially critical state quality problems) in the printing process through a high-precision inspection system, rather than just judging by human eyes by feeling; the other is to implement a unified quality standard to the whole life cycle of printing products, from design to proofing and printing. The whole system should be linked, and a unified standard can be used to avoid the problem of "the goods are not the right version" at all times.

Customized solutions to eliminate potential hazards
LUSTER has been deeply devoted to the printing industry for nearly 20 years, and we know the drawbacks of inconsistent printing inspection standards. On the basis of deep understanding of the whole life cycle of printed products, we have launched PrintingProof series, ScanTANK series and other solutions to help customers solve a series of problems incurred in their production process.

A unified standard throughout the entire process of printing design and production

The PrintingProof series and the ScanTANK series solutions can be applied to multiple aspects of print preparation, and are solutions that achieve the differences in picture and text information comparison between electronic files and electronic files, electronic files and printing samples, and printing samples and printing samples. It ensures the unique and constant inspection standard of printed products in each workflow, avoiding differences caused by changes in production environment and other objective factors, avoiding batch waste caused by proofreading errors, avoiding customer complaints caused by unchecked detail quality defects, and avoiding customer complaints caused by inconsistent quality standards.

PrintingProof series and ScanTANK series solutions

At the same time, in the stage of design, proofing, mass production and  final use, according to different application scenarios, LUSTER provides customized solutions for our customers, eliminating quality hazards for printing enterprises and providing a basis for brand owners for quality management of printing samples and the realization of zero inventory goals.

For printing enterprises, the unified standard is only the first step, with the development of intelligent manufacturing, the pressure to upgrade the industry intelligence, improve quality and efficiency comes. With twenty years of deep cultivation in the printing industry, LUSTER has launched a variety of products and solutions to help printing companies take advantage of the trend, helping the printing industry to improve quality and efficiency, and move towards the era of Industry 4.0.