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Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. strategically invests in LUSTER LightTech Group, both parties jointly focus on industrial Internet new infrastructure

Apr 22, 2020

LUSTER LightTech obtains strategic investment from Industrial Internet.Both parties jointly focus on industrial Internet new infrastructure Industrial Internet strategically invests the leading machine vision manufacturer in the field of industry--LUSTER LightTech ,Hubei Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Investment Fund and other agencies follow the investment. LUSTER LightTech Group ever obtained financing from the famousprivately offered fund --FORTUNEVC. This round of financing will be mainly used for the research and development of machine vision and industrial artificial intelligence and their application in smart factory. Under the background of comprehensively promoting new infrastructure“implanting eyes and brains in machines”is an important infrastructure to move into the industry 4.0 and industrial Internet era. By strategically investing in LUSTER LightTech Group, Foxconn Industrial Internet drives both parties for deep strategic cooperation, promotes both parties to realize the implementation of machine vision and artificial intelligence in future lighthouse factory and the research and development of advanced technology and further improves own 5G, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet and other products, technologies and ecologies in the field of new infrastructure.

The machine vision technology which is a blend of edge computing and deep learning can really “implant eyes and brains in machines” and is one key industrial artificial intelligence technology. The core of the technology is to quickly and accurately read product information by the camera system based on mathematical calculation and then realize the scientific measure and intelligent decision beyond artificial ability by mode identification, deep learning and other AI technologies. In recent years, the technology has been, as an integral part of advanced manufacturing industry, widely applied to industrial automation and intelligence for non-contact inspection, measurement to improve machining accuracy, find produce defect and conduct automatic analysis and decision. In the high-tech industry in the European and American developed country, nearly every production line includes machine vision system for production, processing and quality identification. In China, the application of machine vision just starts, so there is huge market potential in the 3C and display screen manufacturing field. Meanwhile, because the machine vision technology integrates optics, electronics, mechanical and artificial intelligence technologies, it has higher barriers to market access.

LUSTER LightTech Group, as a high-tech enterprise in the field of optical image and machine vision, has served the industrial artificial intelligence, scientific image, aerospace and optical fiber communication for more than 20 years. By continuously serving Apple, Huawei, BOE, Foxconn and other leading enterprises, the group has established the most complete knowledge graph in the field of advanced manufacturing process and procedure. As a leading enterprise of machine vision in China, the group is always prominent in terms of software and hardware research and development of optics and algorithm. The enterprise creatively develops AOI testing equipment for display screen, electronic manufacturing and printing and other industries and realizes many firsts in the industry. The Super Train series products developed by the company is the domestic first display screen visual quality testing product exceeding human eyes’ limit. Its machine vision algorithm platform VisionWare, VisionBOX electronic product visual alignment /inspection system which is accumulated over 15 years has applied tothose leading enterprises in the field of 3C manufacturing, panel productionand others. The company has the patents of many AI technologies based on mode identification and deep learning and their application, including high-speed high-precision double-engine image algorithm, autonomous precision automatic testing machine technology, internationally leading 60 million pixel CMOS chip and autonomous camera research, development and production and other core technologies which can effectively help industrial enterprises to realize automatic production and inspection and largely improve their production quality, production efficiency and operating cost.

Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Industrial Internet”) has the lighthouse factory which is named by the World Economic Forum to represent the world leading level and is a domestic enterprise included in the first batch of double cross-platform by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It has the leading intelligent manufacturing ability in the world. With the automatic manufacturing process and machine learning and artificial intelligence equipment automatic optimization system, intelligent self-maintenance system and intelligent production real-time condition monitoring system, the company can improve the production efficiency by 30% and reduce the inventory period by 15%. In addition to continuously improving the intelligence of own production lines, Industrial Internet is also dedicated to helping the governments at all levels to build the industrial Internet platform and using its intelligent manufacturing experiences, huge volumes of production data accumulation and leading industrial artificial intelligence technology in the world to energize the manufacturing enterprises across the country and exert continuous efforts on the industrial Internet new infrastructure. In cooperation with LUSTER LightTech Group, Industrial Internet expects the leaping development of both parties in terms of cross-industry automation, datamation, intelligence management ability and technological export.

Mr. Yao Yi, president of LUSTER LightTech Group, thinks that Luster strategically aims at the “quality” to serve the electronic manufacturing, printing and packaging and other industrial enterprises, use the innovative machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to “implant eyes and brains in machines” and utilize big data cloud computing to realize intelligent production and quality management. In an age of digital manufacturing and industry 4.0, LUSTER is very pleased to cooperate with Industrial Internet to create more leading intelligent production process schemes and digital quality schemes in the industry and jointly build lighthouse factory and energize intelligent manufacturing. He believes that this strategic cooperation with Industrial Internet can effectively promote the accelerated development of the both parties in terms of intelligent manufacture and contribute a little bit of power for the national industrial intelligence transformation and upgrading.

Mr. Zheng Hongmeng, CEO of Industrial Internet, says that the industrial artificial intelligence can help to explore the data value of enterprise, improve manufacturing system, realize quality improvement, efficiency increase, cost and inventory reduction and improve core competitiveness. Intellisense is an integral part of industrial artificial intelligence and, as an important part of the company strategic blueprint, has abundant experiences and resources with years of practice. After this investment, Industrial Internet and LUSTER LightTech will further cooperate to promote the development of key technologies and, as the “new infrastructure pacesetter”, powerfully support the intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises and push the China from “manufacturing country” to “manufacturing power”.