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Green Technology, Smart Future | LUSTER Industrial Intelligent Equipment 2.0

Mar 23, 2022

With the increasingly serious global climate problems, the Green concept has gradually attracted the attention of people. Various countries have been introducing a wide range of new environmental policies. In this year's Beijing Winter Olympic Games, sustainability has been throughout the entire process of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Low carbon management and ecological protection are the two key words of the sustainability work of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

LUSTER upholds the purpose of "implanting eyes and brains in machines" and builds and releases a new generation of green technology industrial solutions with core technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence and stereo vision.

In the field of industrial vision, LUSTER establishes a NEW data system, a NEW transmission system, and a NEW data utilization system, which constitutes an integrated system for the entire database, enhances the overall development of the industry, and realizes low-carbon management and efficient and intelligent management at the same time.

1. Green and efficient:

Intelligent & High quality manufacturing with big data of quality inspection

The biggest feature of the smart future will be the transformation of the digital individual to the digital society. The future will be a holistic digital world. LUSTER is committed to the breakthrough of the inspection big data revolution, to achieve intelligent and high-quality manufacturing with quality inspection big data, and to build a huge data network system. LUSTER connects the cloud side integrally and makes it more user-friendly and intelligent for green and efficient factory production management.

Step 1

Intelligent energy consumption monitoring and energy saving management

Set the energy consumption usage in a variety of application scenarios and record the actual energy consumption incurred automatically.

Step 2

Scientific and intelligent production environment for efficient application model

Establish the scientific and intelligent production environment with scientific and efficient application standards.

Step 3

Reliable data-based system analysis and Smart Power warning

Digital management of energy consumption through data-based analysis system for a real-time control and forewarning.

2. Low Carbon Management:

Intelligent cockpit improves system OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and passing rate

In the era of Industry 4.0, the trend of "smart factory", "digital factory" and "green factory" is sweeping the world. However, the current cost of raw materials and labor continues to rise. How to improve the system OEE and passing rate to achieve "quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase" is the key to achieve the "smart factory".

● Improve system OEE and passing rate

   ○ Predictive care reminder and life monitoring of key devices such as motors and cylinders.

   ○ Processing accuracy monitoring and deviation warning to remind users to calibrate in time to avoid passing rate decrease.

   ○ Temperature monitoring of key devices such as motors, electronic control boards, fans, etc., to detect risks in advance and to avoid system failures, resulting in a decline in system OEE.

● Whole process management, improve customer management efficiency

   ○ Monitor the information of the whole assembly line and locate the fault position quickly.

   ○ One-click machine switching for the whole pipeline, supports fast line change.

   ○ Single station for error backup, rapid recovery from failure.

3. Intelligent Management

AI technology advances the science of quality standards

Quality is the life of LUSTER. Excess quality increases the manufacturing and inspection costs of products and causes waste. LUSTER has accumulated a large amount of big data on product quality and defects based on over twenty years of application experience in the machine vision industry. Through AI technology, LUSTER customizes deep learning network to distinguish real defects from over-inspection sources, greatly improving inspection accuracy and recognition rate, reducing over-inspection by 5-7% year-on-year, advancing scientific quality standards, realizing intelligent management, improving productivity, and reducing excess quality.

QC Quality Control: A quality control solution based on accurate inspection with end-to-end quality closed-loop control as the goal.

QA Quality Assurance: Establish scientific and digital quality benchmarks and inspection processes to form end-to-end quality standards and specifications.

QM Quality Management: Build a quality inspection and quality management complex with defect traceability and quality avoidance as the goal.

QI Quality Improvement: Construct a human-machine interactive digital production process and quality management system based on process quality data fusion.

In the next two to three years, LUSTER will continue to invest more and more in the intelligent upgrade of production lines, green design of products and energy saving and low carbon. We will continue to promote the application of AOI inspection big data intelligent management system in the industrial field. Through intelligent inspection, quality planning and balancing the needs of manufacturing, we will work with our customers to achieve green technology and high quality manufacturing to create a smart future!