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"Star Products With Soul" - The 2nd LUSTER Developer Conference was successfully held

Mar 18, 2022

On March 15, 2022, World Consumers Rights Day, in order to better serve our customers, LUSTER gathered all our R&D staff and held the 2nd Developer Conference and IPD 2.0 Project Launch Conference.

Innovation is in LUSTER's DNA, and we never stop thinking about how to satisfy our customers' needs better. Despite the impact of the epidemic, LUSTER's annual R&D event was held as scheduled, in the form of an "online + offline" event organized by the Product Development Management Team, and held in Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and Xi'an. With the theme of "Star Products With Soul" and the aim of serving customers with high quality, LUSTER is actively carrying out the Super Ox Project 2.0, Zero Defect and IPD 2.0 project.

1. Rooting in customers and forging soul products

At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Yao, President of LUSTER, pointed out that the purpose of holding the developer conference on World Consumer Rights Day is to deepen the concept of serving customers, a civilized society is to respect and honor every consumer, and product and service providers guarantee the quality and are responsible for consumers.He emphasized the need to systematically create " Star Products With Soul", and to improve organizational capabilities and employees' own capabilities through internal end-to-end links, external customer-supplier links, and self-capability links.

After that, Dr. Zhao, Vice President of R&D, gave a general introduction on "How to deeply cultivate customer needs and create star products with soul". He reported from many aspects such as development strategy, targeting pain points, and how to do it from the company level. In the middle part of the conference, several key product line leaders reported to colleagues on how to build star products.

2. Customers come first, quality is the key to prosperity

Alex, Senior Director of Quality Operations and Deputy General Manager of Display Screen BU, reported to the audience on "Star Products With Soul - How to Ensure Quality". He shared with the audience how LUSTER should protect the rights and interests of customers, and drew on Apple's development experience to emphasize that customer service is the only reason for LUSTER's existence, quality is our life, customer satisfaction is the criterion for all our work and we should evaluate our services from the customer's perspective.

3. Phoenix Mountain Project launched

Jackie, Director of Product Development Management Department, elaborated on the "IPD project work plan" and how to carry out the project. He explained the expected objectives of the IPD project and how to ensure the IPD project is effective at the company level. He discussed the joint efforts needed to support the IPD project in finance, human resources, supply chain, information technology, and other departments, and that LUSTERNESE should work together to build a strong organizational capability!

4. Contract signed, vow must be fulfilled

(1)  Signing the contract

The PDT team signed the contract in the presence of all witnesses, and the mission must be accomplished!

(2)  Commitment of the whole team

The PDT team took an oath, and in order to reach the strategic goal, all team members made a solemn commitment that they will do their best to create and realize customers' dreams, craft high-quality star products, and achieve common growth of the organization and themselves!

Leaders' summary speech

At the end of the conference, Isabel, Senior Vice President of LUSTER, and Mr. Gu, CFO of LUSTER, concluded that the conference met the expectations and was a successful developer conference. LUSTER starts from the customer's point of view, reflect on the pain points, pay attention to the problems, and create star products with soul, which will surely create more value for customers, and achieve self-achievement and customer achievement at the same time, and transform successfully like a phoenix nirvana!