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A Thousand Years at a Glance, LUSTER's Third Collaboration with CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Feb 16, 2022

“The present man does not see the ancient moon, but the present moon used to shine on the ancient man. ”

Sanxingdui has been sleeping for 3,000 years, but once it wakes up, the world will be amazed. In this year’s Chinese New Year Gala, the progress of modern media technology makes the ancient moon visible to the present generation. The creative dance “Golden Face” takes the culture of Sanxingdui relics as its intention, and in the aesthetic scene transformation, the dancers’ graceful dance posture and strong emotions instantly make the audience dream back to ancient Shu and immerse themselves in the culture of Sanxingdui.

The unprecedented presentation of "Golden Face" on the stage of Spring Festival Gala broke the conventional TV production mode, making the program an artistic feast through the whole process of film and television production, which drew a lot of audience's amazement and praise, and this could not be separated from the digital human visual effects and motion capture and other technologies.

Attentive viewers will find that the real bronze statue of the Bronze Standing Figure has been sleeping for thousands of years and has a rusty appearance. The Bronze Standing Figure at the end of the show, on the other hand, is dressed in new clothes, and the classic two-handed ring grip is unfolded into fingers. This is a digital three-dimensional model of the Bronze Standing Figure, which was created by artists using the actual artifact as a blueprint, and constructed through professional modeling software. Based on the digital modeling, a real-life skeleton is added to it, which provides a technical guarantee for the later digital Bronze Standing Figure drive.

After the digital Bronze Standing Figure model is built, the AI multimodal motion capture system collects the joint point motion trajectory of professional dancers, and then deconstructs the actor's human skeleton 3D data through AI algorithm. In real time, it maps the motion data to the Bronze Standing Figure animation model, making the digital Bronze Standing Figure synchronized, stable, efficient and accurate to participate in the stage performance driven by the motion capture actor. The show achieves the fusion and symbiosis of reality and reality beyond the dimension.

The core of the AI multimodal system construction is based on the composite multi-target global optical calibration and tracking technology, the virtual and real character rendering unified to a Spatio-temporal coordinate, combined with film and television CG technology, achieving the natural interaction between the virtual and real. At the end of the program, the Bronze Standing Figure “resurrected” and walked hand in hand with the performers on the same stage, through time and space, breaking through the reality, so many audiences called “romantic”, “ stunning”. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics also uses similar technology to achieve natural interaction effects with human screens. The 2022 Spring Festival Gala was held at the main stage, where new technology, new ideas, and stage effects were integrated to let the audience truly feel the harmony of technology and art.

This year's "Golden Face" program is the third cooperation between LUSTER and the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. In the future, LUSTER will continue to create a vivid and splendid virtual world with stereo visual technology innovation.