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Catherine's First Show on CCTV

Mar 26, 2022
The special program " The Two Sessions C+ Moment" presented by CCTV is particularly eye-catching, with the virtual digital person Catherine interacting with the guests. The innovative combination of virtual and real live broadcast, with a fresh and interesting way of reporting, made the serious news content like the "two sessions" go viral in a relaxing and unique way, and attracted more young generation to watch.

In order to show the best effect in the live scenes, the program used multiple hardcore technologies such as multi-camera virtual filming, real-time motion capture, expression capture, virtual and reality fusion, and real-time rendering to achieve the live broadcast of Catherine and the real person on the same stage. The key technology of "multi-camera real-time face + motion capture" supported by LUSTER can achieve high-precision capture of facial expressions and fingers, providing a key guarantee for smooth interaction between Catherine and real people. During the live broadcast, Catherine's expressions, body, and costumes all appeared realistic, smooth, and natural, with expression and movement lag controlled below a few seconds. Catherine was able to interact with the guests in real time, like a familiar "host", which increased the audience's sense of immersion and effectively achieved a seamless interaction between real people in the real world and Catherine in the digital world.

In fact, it is not easy to conduct a live program with "digital people" through the whole process, especially in such a serious and in-depth interview and dialogue program. Based on the deep technical accumulation in the field of motion capture, combined with specialized real-time virtual technology capabilities, LUSTER's technical solution makes the live show with low latency, high accuracy and great stability, helping Catherine handle the whole scene easily. This program and technology was highly recognized by CCTV and the guests.

With the breakthrough of virtual technology and artificial intelligence algorithm, "digital people" have been widely used in various media scenarios. During this year's Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics Sign Language Digital Person, jointly created by LUSTER and zhipu AI, made a special sign language broadcast of the Winter Olympics on Beijing TV, bringing exciting coverage of the Winter Olympics for the hearing impaired. In the future, with the development of technologies such as AI, motion capture and real-time rendering, digital people and the media industry will further integrate to boost the development of the metaverse.