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LabelMan-220T: I can conduct inspection while lying

Jan 29, 2021


Most of the label quality inspection machines you have ever seen are characterized by paper running at the side. Today, there is a quality inspection machine that does not take the usual path. It lies all the time while doing the work.

New Challenge, New Opportunity

In 2020, we were accompanied by COVID-19 throughout the year. Looking ahead at 2021, we see that the demand for product traceability and safety is increasing day by day. The rapid rise of digital printing technology further complicates the label market, and the annual growth rate of digital printing labels is up to about 20%. The printing industry is urged to undergo transformation without stop owing to the closed-loop quality management conducted during production and end customers’ requirements for product quality traceability and safety guarantee.

lProduct form diversity: electronic labels, food labels, daily chemical labels, cosmetics labels, home appliance labels, telescopic sleeve labels, etc.

lOrder structure diversity: Affected by COVID-19, the order structure is increasingly characterized by small size and diversification.

lVariable data inspection: Traditional manual detection fails to meet the needs for code packet collection and waste removal.

COVID-19 has brought a challenge, as well as an opportunity. The epidemic prevention work has led to an increase in the demand for epidemic prevention labels; online shopping has promoted the rapid growth of market share seized by e-commerce labels; the growth of small retailers is owned to various high-efficient printing solutions offered by digital printing.

Short orders?

Small rolling diameter?

Variable data?

In the face of short orders, quick orders and personalized consumption orders, enterprises must realize the particular importance of enhancing their deliverability and ensuring their competitiveness.


Short order label quality inspection machine

At the end of 2020, LUSTER launched a short order label quality inspection machine, LabelMan-220T, which is different from the current mainstream offline label quality inspection machines with a width of 330mm and 450mm. Equipped with a vertical guide roll, it boasts an unconventional type of paper feeding. Moreover, owing to the shorter paper path and handy size, it has received widespread attention in the industry.

LabelMan-220T short order label quality inspection machine

The current mainstream offline label quality inspection machines basically have a detection width of 330mm, their inspection speed is generally 120m~160m/min, and the paper path is mostly 5-8m. With high detection accuracy and high detection speed, such equipment is suitable for the mass detection of printed products. However, for label printing factories, they have to deal with f a large number of small-size orders in reality.

Such orders cannot be compatibly detected on high-speed inspection equipment, for the following reasons:

1. The paper path is too long, causing material waste;

2. The efficiency of equipment is not high owing to frequent roll change for small orders;

3. Some materials with low tension cannot be used for a long paper path. It is for the above reasons that the short order label quality inspection machine has arisen at the historic moment.

Small Machine, Great Ability 

You may be interested in such a device for your curiosity about its application value.

The machine is specially developed for short order application market. Its biggest feature is integration, small size and short paper path. It can greatly improve the efficiency of label quality inspection, and effectively reduce the waste of materials caused during machine adjustment and order replacement.

The whole machine is under full-servo independent control, which ensures high precision, long service life, short maintenance period and quick troubleshooting. The machine is highly integrated with the detection system, and there is a touch screen for the unified operation interface. Also, owing to stop precision, the operability is greatly improved.


On-site application by a customer in East China

At present, the machine has been successfully applied on site by many customers. The machine has a detection width of 160mm and 220mm, detection accuracy of 0.063 and 0.092mm/pixel, a winding and unwinding diameter of 300mm, a small size, a short paper path, high stop precision, high integration and high touch screen operability. It is especially suitable for the production of various ordinary labels, adhesive labels, electronic labels and other short-order products. Its performance has won high praise from customers.

The short order label quality inspection machine provides reliable a solution for the quality inspection and variable information inspection of label products, thereby filling the gap in the existing product line. LUSTER will go on with R&D to provide more innovative products for customers in the printing industry, with the satisfaction of end customers maintained.