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  • "Star Products With Soul" - The 2nd LUSTER Developer Conference was successfully held

    Mar 18, 2022

    On March 15, 2022, World Consumers Rights Day, in order to better serve our customers, LUSTER gathered all our R&D staff and held the 2nd Developer Conference and IPD 2.0 Project Launch Conference.

    Innovation is in LUSTER's DNA, and we never stop thinking about how to satisfy our customers' needs better. Despite the impact of the epidemic, LUSTER's annual R&D event was held as scheduled, in the form of an "online + offline" event organized by the Product Development Management Team, and held in Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and Xi'an. With the theme of "Star Products With Soul" and the aim of serving customers with high quality, LUSTER is actively carrying out the Super Ox Project 2.0, Zero Defect and IPD 2.0 project.

  • Industry benchmark? LUSTER products at Sino-Label

    Mar 12, 2022

    In order to meet the regret of customers who can't come to the exhibition, LUSTER specially recorded a detailed explanation video to thoroughly explain each exhibit, so that visitors can view the whole picture and see the details at home. The most popular product was the LabelTANK-330 label inspection system. It is equipped with a new generation of PrintingPlus6.0 inspection software, equipped with high-resolution optical imaging system, high-speed image processing workstation and high-speed inspection platform, mainly used for label pre-shipment printing quality inspection, helping customers to improve quality and reduce customer complaints. Its core software PrintingPlus6.0 is developed independently by LUSTER and has made transformative upgrades in practical applications, with the following four highlights:

  • LUSTER: Solving the dilemma of lithium battery inspection

    Mar 01, 2022

    The global lithium battery industry is undergoing profound changes, power battery performance, quality competition escalation has led to the acceleration of new equipment and new process iterations. According to GGII, China's power battery volume reached 220GWh in 2021, with 175% growth compared to 2020. How to improve product quality, enhance battery safety and achieve zero customer complaints are the problems that every battery manufacturer needs to consider when facing fierce competition in the market.

  • A Thousand Years at a Glance, LUSTER's Third Collaboration with CCTV Spring Festival Gala

    Feb 16, 2022

    This article demystifies how the technology of LUSTER combines the Bronze Standing Figure of Sanxingdui with the performers on the Spring Festival Gala stage through a filmed holographic production.

  • Winter Olympics sign language broadcasts digital people —— The perfect combination of technology and humanities!

    Feb 06, 2022

    There are over 27 million hearing-impaired people in China. They have an enormous demand for education, social interaction, entertainment, and access to information like the rest of us. LUSTER teamed up with ZhipuAI to provide technical support for the 2022 Winter Olympics sign language broadcast. This Winter Olympics digital program provides special events broadcasts for the hearing-impaired, which facilitates the hearing-impaired people to watch the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics reports.