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  • SmartFAB intelligent printing and packaging factory management system for a smoother path of intelligent transformation of the printing industry!

    May 13, 2022

    At present, there is a certain basis for information technology construction in various industries, but given the differences in industry attributes, the maturity of smart factories varies greatly between different industries.

  • LUSTER Online Training Session on Vocational Skills for Label Printing Quality Inspection

    Apr 24, 2022

    Despite the recurrence COVID epidemic 🦠 in China, LUSTER's customer service has been uninterrupted! This time we took our service online with a live course to bring vocational skills training to our label printing customers in China.

  • Printing inspection makes the printing process standardized and visualized

    Mar 30, 2022

    Printing inspection is an important part of the printing production process, but have you ever thought that it is more than just a simple part of the process for companies?

  • Catherine's first show on CCTV

    Mar 26, 2022

    The special program " The Two Sessions C+ Moment" presented by CCTV is particularly eye-catching, with the virtual digital person Catherine interacting with the guests. The innovative combination of virtual and real live broadcast, with a fresh and interesting way of reporting, made the serious news content like the "two sessions" go viral in a relaxing and unique way, and attracted more young generation to watch.

  • Green Technology, Smart Future | LUSTER Industrial Intelligent Equipment 2.0

    Mar 23, 2022

    With the increasingly serious global climate problems, the Green concept has gradually attracted the attention of people. Various countries have been introducing a wide range of new environmental policies. In this year's Beijing Winter Olympic Games, sustainability has been throughout the entire process of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Low carbon management and ecological protection are the two key words of the sustainability work of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

    LUSTER upholds the purpose of "implanting eyes and brains in machines" and builds and releases a new generation of green technology industrial solutions with core technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence and stereo vision.

    In the field of industrial vision, LUSTER establishes a NEW data system, a NEW transmission system, and a NEW data utilization system, which constitutes an integrated system for the entire database, enhances the overall development of the industry, and realizes low-carbon management and efficient and intelligent management at the same time.