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Data explains itself - Why LUSTER solutions are the best choice for your lithium-ion batteries quality inspection

Dec 07, 2022
In the previous article, we introduced LUSTER's self-developed deep learning platform for industrial quality inspection scenarios - F.Brain and its competitive advantages from 3 functional platforms, 6 management modules and 8 features, click here to review.

In today's article, we will focus on how LUSTER provides a series of "machine vision + AI" inspection solutions for the lithium industry with its many years of R&D accumulation and overall solution capability to help the development of intelligent manufacturing in the new energy industry.

F.Brain platform provides lithium electrode sheet solution for LUSTER's new energy product line. Currently, the amount of defect sample database of the platform reaches 200,000+, and the inspection accuracy rate is as high as 98.5%, which can effectively detect defects such as cracks, pinch marks, pits, powder dropping, black dots, white dots, etc., and classify them to realize the meticulous traceability of the process.

For the more stringent requirements of lithium battery cell surface inspection, the number of defective samples accumulated by the platform now reaches 100,000+, with an accuracy rate of 99.5%, which can effectively detect, classify and classify the appearance defects of explosion-proof valves, pole pillars, blue films and aluminum cases of lithium battery cells, helping lithium battery companies to achieve zero-defect shipments.

In recent years, the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, in the power battery mass manufacturing status quo, battery companies will be more strict on industrial vision inspection accuracy, inspection speed, defect analysis and other aspects of the requirements. In the face of this industry development trend, LUSTER will continue to increase the "machine vision + AI" in the lithium full process inspection of R & D investment, deeply understand the new needs of lithium inspection, and help battery companies to transform into the comprehensive intelligent factories!