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LUSTER Products with AI, Tiger with WINGS--2022 New Year Message

Dec 31, 2021

At the very beginning of 2022--the Chinese New Year of Tiger, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers, partners and suppliers for your ongoing trust and support. Our thanks also go to each one of our colleagues for your dedication, and to your loved ones for their unfailing support.

Even though the whole world has been suffered from the pandemic COVID 19 and the economy keeps going down, 2021 was an extraordinary growing year for LUSTER LightTech Group. By continuously insisting on customer-oriented culture, creating values and providing innovative technologies to industrial end-users, and improving our internal operation efficiency and delivery quality, our sales revenue reaches an epic high of 3 billion RMB (47M US$) in 2021. Road of imaging + AI innovation and research has been always difficult, especially to a company that dedicates to the most advanced and fast-growing optic and imaging and AI technologies and quickly demand changing industries like 3C, display and solar energy, etc. After all the difficulties which we have overcome, we are proud to say that we have made a great move toward the strategic goal of “Fast & Healthy Development” for our company. Our business performance remains stronger in the fast-growing year.

Our mission of helping our customers to improve quality control, management and production efficiency, to reduce heavy labor burdens, especially in some labor-intensive industries such as Electronics Manufacturing, Printing and New Energy Source, LUSTER integrated Vision and AI technologies into our products, and released great new products in the past 2021. In the electronics manufacturing industry, we released new SuperTRAIN/HyperTRAIN series module appearance, mobile mid-frame and display crack inspection equipment; We delivered Vision Assembly VA6.0 configurable machine vision systems with AI technologies for identification, test & measurements and positioning of assembly guidance and intelligent AOI equipment for world-leading customers. Our GMQM intelligent quality management system has also been deployed at the top customers, helping them to achieve traceable, viewable and closed-loop quality management of the whole production process. In the past 2021, we released revolutionary products such as CartonTANK-650B high-speed folder-gluer inline/connection inspection equipment and CartonTANK-650S ink-jet & inspection integrated equipment for the printing industry. We delivered massive quantity and high-quality inspection systems for customers of printing, packaging, lit-battery and solar glass industries. Moreover, we strategically cooperate with industry-leading companies like Beijing Value Technology Co., Ltd. to together provide ERP, MES systems and entire smart and digitalization factory management solutions.

In the past 2021, we continued to explore fiber optics industries and provide good value-added ongoing services to our customers. We overcome the difficulties of international trading caused by the pandemic and continue to see robust growth of our special optical fiber processing solution business; we deepen strategic cooperation with EXFO to achieve excellent results and won the 2021 Diamond Partner Award.

After more than ten years’accumulation in the 3D fields of motion capture, digital human modeling, etc., the Metaverse hits us at the perfect time. LUSTER’s Meta Vision BU applied AI+VR technology to serve CCTV Spring Festival Gala and other TV programs created Beijing Winter Olympics sign language digital figure and established a new studio business cooperation with Global Broadcasting-Tsinghua University to enrich the digital human model generation and creation technologies which will be fundaments of creating Mete verse world. By creating a magnificent virtual world for our users, we hope that it can contribute to the development of Metaverse in the future. In the field of life sciences, we brought excellent and advanced visual imaging devices, modules, systems to genetic sequencing and health care fields.

Innovation is the key and soul of our business. While continuously improving the product and service quality, we focus on building four technical platforms: advanced optics and computational imaging, imaging + AI algorithms of deep learning and knowledge mapping, intelligent software and automation, and we have obtained more than 300 relevant patents and property rights. Through continuous research and development, our goal is to respond quickly to the emerging needs of industry users, provide innovative and advanced technologies and keep increasing customer satisfaction. We will also quickly use next-generation AI like knowledge engineering together with reason algorism, advanced computing technologies to make our vision systems more intelligent to help our customers have better quality, process, and equipment management than ever before.

It's our firm belief that humankind will enter an AI: artificial intelligent world and it is our responsibility to enhance our strengths in vision and imaging, AI as well as automation technologies. We initiated and participated in the preparation of the "Machine Vision Development White Paper Book (2021 Edition)"; Approved to establish a post-doctoral research station; Won the title of "The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's new generation of artificial intelligence industry unveiling winners"; Selected as the "National Technologically Advanced Little Giant Enterprises"; Won a series of honors such as "The Third Award of the First Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Competition".

In the new 2022, we are facing a great transformation that is just emerging in the 21st century, we are also very lucky to live under the national strategy of high-quality development and encouraging high-tech innovation. There are still many unfulfilled customer requirements for our vision imaging and intelligent products for both domestic and overseas markets. In addition, while AI technology is rapidly emerging and growing, many people are confused about how to implement it into industrial applications. All the above challenges are our opportunities, and as always, and we will firmly grasp these historical opportunities of industrial vision application demand explosion, automated manufacturing, and AI revolution, and continue to focus on customer demand and invest in product and technology development and applications innovations.

In 2022, we will follow the topic of "creating star products with AI soul", insist on the principle of ONLY quality bringing prosperity, and continue to improve our products and services. Customer centricity is our eternal direction, it is our mission to continue listening to customer’s voices, analyzing customer's requirements, and providing industry-leading advanced vision products, smart machines as well as factory intelligent management solutions to help customers achieve scientific and smart production and quality control, and realize their pursuit of the dream. To do so, in the new year, we will continue to enhance our research and development capability, improve our production and internal quality control, establish comprehensive production process and supply chain systems, improve delivery quality and efficiency, reduce costs and inventory and strengthen our competitiveness to be our customer’s best, strategic, trust wealthy and honorable choices.

In 2022, we will keep optimizing our organization structure and simplifying process system construction, especially in R&D, supply chain, production, and marketing. In addition, we will insist on strict team leader selection, improve employee and leaders’ training system, increase incentives to energize the organization, vitalize our teams and improve the quality of individuals and teams.

In 2022, conducting the principle of ongoing work efficiency and quality improvement, all LUSTER employees will remain committed to four major disciplines:

1. Zero defects in the delivery of products and services adhere to the principle of profits coming from good products, good customers, and high customer value.

2. Strengthening internal control and audit, avoiding fraud in business and finance, and adhering to the code of conduct of seeking truth from facts to secure business quality.

3. Zero tolerance to any internal corruption behaviors to make a clean, positive, and fair organization for making the company with good quality.

4. Adhere to the principle of no bribery in business; Insist on the value of "customer-centricity”; Strive to provide customers with high-value and high-quality products and services, and establish a friendly, mutually respected, and trusted relationship with customers and colleagues.

In short, we have learned from the lessons of our own and others, we grow to be stronger and ultimately become the global leader of photonic and vision imaging fields. We believe that our past 20+ years’ experiences have not been in vain, and our industry is more powerful than ever. With our LUSTER united front, the support of our customers and partners, and concrete effort to keep creating value, nothing can keep us from forging ahead towards another step forward in 2022. Knowledge and reasons are arms to embrace the world, our products with the soul of our customer knowledge and advanced AI technologies will be like Chinese saying Tigers with WINGS.

Always: Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

We wish you and yours all the best and a happy, prosperous and healthy new year!

Board of directors of

LUSTER LightTech Group.