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  • Cherry Picking Vision

    Cherry Picking Vision

    Greg Blackman looks at how high-speed inspection systems are improving methods for sorting and grading cherries states.
    Imaging systems are finding their way into the field, but they are still largely research orientated with very few systems commercialised. where vision plays a much larger role is in factories sorting and grading crops like apples or cherries once they've been harvested.

  • Identification

    Product and Part Identification

    Teledyne DALSA is a leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors.

  • Flour. Microscopy

    Fluor. Microscopy DNA Micro Arrays

    Microarrays are versatile tools for high throughput screening. Nevertheless they are severely limited.

  • SMLM

    SMLM DNA Origami

    What you see here is a super resolution image of cos7 cells with alpha tubulin labeled with immunostaining. The second image is a zoomed area (white frame) from the first one. The raw data has been acquired at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (Jungmann Group) with a pco.panda 4.2 camera.

  • High-Speed Flour. Microscopy

    High-Speed Fluor. Microscopy

    Trypanosome Motion represents an Adaptation to the Crowded Environment of the Vertebrate Bloodstream

  • Autopilot

    Vision Revolution Drives Down the Cost of Autonomous Vehicles

    Fully autonomous computer-based systems that relieve individuals from the burden of driving are likely to become commonplace in vehicles over the next few decades. Currently, however, such vehicles are expensive to manufacture, mainly due to the complexity and cost of the active safety and driving hardware that must be integrated into them to ensure that they will be safe on the road.

  • TFDS

    Train running fault dynamic image detection system (TFDS/TVDS/TEDS)

    The system automatically acquire and analyzes images of running parts of EMUs, brake fittings, undercarriage suspensions, hook connections, side skirts, bogies, treads, rims, etc., and performs graded alarm to abnormal images. It is used to improve the detection and abnormal early warning of the state of parts of high-speed EMUs on long-distance roads and stations, improve the quality of maintenance, inspection and repair operations of vehicle working groups.