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LG Integrated Multispectral Imaging Module

LG is an integrated imaging module applied to railway security detection field, specially for abnormal heating and discharge defects in various types of pantograph and catenary. The product acquire IR and UV spectral information and imaging of key position, based on LWIR thermometry and full-day blind UV imaging technology. Widely used in C3 Catenary-Checking on-Line Monitor, C6 Catenary and Power supply Ground Monitor system of EMUs, locomotives and urban trains.


High resolution and clear imaging under direct sunlight, no difference from day to night;

High-precision thermal imaging temperature detector, accurately captures arcing temperatures;

High-speed imaging full-day blind UV, captures arc duration, position and intensity information;

Multi-spectral image fusion output, abnormal direct view, defect rapid locate;

Compact integrated design, easy to install, operate and maintain;

High reliability and stability, strong environmental adaptability;