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LUSTER LightTech Group Had a Perfect Ending in Shanghai – 2016

Jul 07, 2018

Organized by the “China Society of Image and Graphics” and “German Messe München Image (MMI)”, the“Vision China 2016 - International Machine Vision Exhibition” had a perfect ending on March 17 2016 in Shanghai. As one of the most professional and powerful exhibition, the “Vision China 2016” gathered lots of experts, scholars and technologist from many fields, as well as, all the key managers from many famous companies that contributed in machine vision.

LUSTER LightTech Group is the leading enterprise of the Chinese Machine Vision business. The company aims to provide customers with updated vision products and the best solution and focuses on investigating technology and exploring innovation.

During this exhibition, not only the products and applications were displayed by the company directly, LUSTER also invited its strategic partners to organize Onbooth Speech to offer customers with more product information and news at the same time.

The strategic partners that gave speeches in Onbooth are:

1、The world leading company, Teledyne DALSA’s Barry Roth, the sales director of Asian area, who gave a brief introduction of LINEA camera to the public. Besides, the account manager of the Chinese market, Michelle, also introduced the patented technology of “Turbo Drive” in improving frame speed of Genie NANO camera series.

2、The senior manager of the IMPERX Company, Keith Wetzel, provided its high quality cameras in terms of CCD and CMOS series to the public through showing its long and stable working time in the temperature range of -45℃ to 85℃. Moreover, it was also the first time for this American company to join into this “Vision China Exhibition” after 15 years strategic relationship with LUSTER.

3、The global sales manager of the Mikrotron Company, Patrick also attended this exhibition. After a wonderful speech, the public learned more about its high speed and quality industrial cameras series.

4、Furthermore, thanks to all the filter products that were provided by Marriann, the Netherlands account manager. This helped LUSTER to display a perfect vision system for the public.

Meanwhile, LUSTER also displayed the 2nd generation of the latest camera “Pregius” of the PointGrey Company; the data collecting camera “R42” of the Raytrix Company; the best SWIR camera “InGaAs” of the XenICs Company; the high resolution “Dimax” series of the PCO Company, and the EMCCD cameras that widely used in astronomy and science fields of the Firstlight and NUVU Company.

Besides, LUSTER also introduced its self-owned product “VisionBOX” in this “Vision China Exhibition” and shared its expert experience and successful cases to customers.


Apart from the exhibition activities, two special seminars were organized by LUSTER as well: “VisionBOX, the Way to Upgrade Industrial Technic and Equipment Application” and “the Industrial Solution of High Speed and High Resolution”,  which presented customers with LUSTER’s deep understandings in machine vision and its future development in vision area.


LUSTER will always aim to provide customers with updated vision products and the best solution, and focuses on investigating technology and exploring innovation. The company will also devote itself in exploring imaging and vision system fields in order to offer all customers with optimal, reliable, strategic choices and solutions.

Please accept our sincerely grateful for your supports and encouragements! Let us meet together in next year!

You can get our PPT through subscribing the Official Account of “LUSTER LightTech Group” or phoning us in 010-52348500.