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OptiTrack’s Software and Hardware Launch and an Exchange of Global Development Cases

Aug 22, 2018

July 10th - 12th marked the success of the first OptiTrack developers’ conference in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Revolved around the theme of “Get Immersed and be a King”, the sponsors, Leyard OptiTrack & Luster LightTech Group, invited such industry leaders as Noitom and Revo Next-Generation to talk about their own experience. An “immersed” interaction was achieved among the industrial insiders on the basis of the solutions and the application cases adopted by OptiTrack.


In addition, Leyard also announced its much-followed development plan in China after acquiring the OptiTrack in the report.

10 years’ efforts: from zero to existence, and from existence to abundance

To begin with, the President of Luster LightTech Group, Mr. Yao Yi, opened the conference with a speech.

“Having engaged in the technical development and high-tech research for 22 years, Luster has developed into an enterprise with senses of industrial responsibility and mission as well as outstanding charisma. After a decade’s efforts in domestic 3D visual technology application and development, the company, which started from literally nothing, maintained their grounds by integrating available resources, exploring cutting-edge 3D visual technologies, introducing superior international technologies and products into China, thereby making an undeniable contribution to the development of domestic 3D visual technology”.

As a veteran in the field of 3D vision, the 3D Visual Director of Luster, Xiong Wei, introduced some typical cases in the company’s 3D business. The company is now able to provide professional solutions to the 3D vision industry, ranging from 3D video, 3D modeling, 3D scan, motion analysis, omnidirectional/panoramic imaging, unmanned driving, unmanned aerial vehicle, 3D projection, VR/AR, to special effects in films and television.

Luster’s 3D Technical Director, Zeng Yi, released Prime Color —— OptiTrack’s new line of HD and HS optical motion-capturing camera —— on the developers’ conference. This camera can achieve 250fps under 1080P definition, and its color chip has the ability to capture and comparatively render images into lifelike photos.

In addition to Prime Color, Luster also unveiled their independently-developed 3D dynamic facial expression modeling system —— Facial 3D+ —— for use in professional CG and motion picture making. The system takes only a press of a key —— within 1 second —— to collect the preliminary data of the digital expression.

This synchronous solution is provided to solve the interactive problems between cameras, camera and light, as well as camera and AC power supply. It shortens the digital face changing cycle from one month to one week, thus greatly improving the efficiency of digital face changing.

The future: into achieving localized production

“Leyard OptiTrack is to be distributed in the Chinese market with localized products and services”, as announced by Leyard’s Marketing Director/Director of VR and Digital Recreation, Jia Zhe. They were starting to establish and plan their development in the Chinese market.

Starting this September, OptiTrack will set up a production line in Yizhuang covering an area of over 400 m2 to localize its production and thus shorten the supply cycle of the OptiTrack series.

Some products that are deemed proper for the Chinese market would be developed as per the demand of the customers and the industry. A technical support and service center for China would be established to provide a 72-hour localized immediate response service.

OptiTrack developers’ plan and funds would be established to help the developers and partners in forming the ecosphere of the motion capture industry.

In addition to the support for developers in technology, hardware, and capital, Leyard would also set up digitized motion capture studio in Yizhuang, and open it to all the developers engaged in OptiTrack’s content creation and project environment testing.

Case Sharing between Global Developers

OptiTrack’s Original Factory Product Manager Chris Johnson shared with the audience some advanced application cases of OptiTrack’s optical tracing solutions from around the world.

Noitom’s General Manager of Recreational Business, Li Yao, brought the new-generation of immersed and interactive plans created on the basis of OptiTrack’s products. These allow you to not only experience “immersion”, but also truly feel the deeper context of it. We are looking forward to the formal launching of those products.

In his humorous yet appealing report, Noitom’s Strategic Marketing Director and Special Assistant to the General Manager, Li Yao, introduced some of the well-known applications erected on the basis of OptiTrack that cover all the industries or fields. He also expressed the wish of cooperating with Leyard and Luster, as well as many other top-quality content development companies, in order to develop more OptriTrack-based stable basic hardware. Noitom would also improve its software development capability and explore more feasible directions in VR and other fields so as to contribute more to the society.

The CEO of Revo Next-Generation, Guo Fu, presented his analysis of the market’s status-quo and his conception about the future.

Interactive venue + live presentation

The presentation area, meticulously constructed by Luster’s 3D team, had successfully attracted the attention of many audiences in the venue.

The audience can enjoy the delicious food, interesting games, and even win fabulous prizes simply by following the official WeChat account—“Luster LightTech” —— at the attendance registration area.

“We can’t accurately predict the whole market of 3D vision business at this point, because what we see at this stage is only a tip of the iceberg”.

Let’s look at the world from different perspectives. We are looking forward to witnessing constant innovations in 3D vision technology and a more wonderful life. So let us hope that in the near future, Leyard OptiTrack, Luster, and the clients will cooperate with each other to create a better world of vision!