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The Seminar of OptiTrack MoCap System Has a Perfect Ending in China (Beijing/Shanghai) - 2016

Jul 07, 2018

During the mid of July, in order to provide better customer services and more chances for customer to communicate, LUSTER invited Case Bowman (the director of sales) and Shagan Overman (the customer experience manager) from OptiTrack to give speeches about product introduction and technology sharing in Beijing and Shanghai. There were nearly a hundred of people from different universities and companies came to join in these two seminars.

July 12th 2016,Beijing

July 14th 2016,Shanghai

Through combining introduction, applications and customer experience parts together, the seminar can not only presented detailed introduction of all series of OptiTrack products, but also offered them with vivid and excited VR experiences.

Technician Ma is guiding customer to have accuracy and immersive virtual reality experiences based on OptiTrack MoCap System

Technician Chen is explaining the process of OptiTrack MoCap Calibration

The customer experience manager of OptiTrack, Shagan Overman is introducing OptiTrack MoCap System for customers

Better Vision Better Life is the slogan of LUSTER. In order to achieve that, LUSTER worked with NaturalPoint Company and highly focuses on movie filming and simulation fields. On the basis of the exceptional 3D precision and accuracy OptiTrack MoCap System, more and more difficulties can be solved such as Chinese animation, VR localization, drones position tracking and biomechanical analysis and so on.

More than that, LUSTER will always devote itself in exploring Chinese MoCap fields and offer all customers with optimal, reliable, strategic choices and solutions.

Many thanks for joining in this OptiTrack MoCap seminar. You can get further information through subscribing the Official Account of “LUSTER LightTech Group” or phoning us in 010-52348500.

About NaturalPoint, Inc.

NaturalPoint Company was founded in 1997 to develop and bring to market high quality image tracking technology and unique computer control devices. Now the largest motion capture provider in the world. The company offers high-performance optical tracking solutions at the most affordable prices in the industry.

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, NaturalPoint is the creator of the OptiTrack, TrackIR and SmartNAV family of brands.