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  • OptiTrack’s Software and Hardware Launch and an Exchange of Global Development Cases

    Aug 22, 2018

    July 10th - 12th marked the success of the first OptiTrack developers’ conference in Beijing and Shenzhen.Revolved around the theme of “Get Immersed and be a King”, the sponsors, Leyard OptiTrack & Luster LightTech Group, invited such industry leaders as Noitom and Revo Next-Generation to talk about their own experience. An “immersed” interaction was achieved among the industrial insiders on the basis of the solutions and the application cases adopted by OptiTrack.

  • LUSTER Attended Vision China 2017

    Jul 07, 2018

    On June 30th, Vision China 2017 came to a successful end in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Staying customer-centric, LUSTER has been focused on vision and imaging industry for several years. As a core member of CMVU, LUSTER has developed many products and solutions with international advanced level, providing leading technology information.

  • 2016 Vision China (Shenzhen) Yield Unusually Brilliant Results

    Jul 07, 2018

    On July 1st 2016, the VisionChina Shenzhen Exhibition had a perfect ending. As the leading enterprise of the Chinese Machine Vision business, LUSTER became the most shining star during the whole exhibition. The Ranger-E series from the German Sick Company are the fast 3D measurement and Multi-Scan cameras in the world, which embodied 35,000 fps (10m/s) and high levels of flexibility in configuration, working distance and field of view.

  • LUSTER LightTech Group Had a Perfect Ending in Shanghai – 2016

    Jul 07, 2018

    Organized by the “China Society of Image and Graphics” and “German Messe München Image (MMI)”, the“Vision China 2016 - International Machine Vision Exhibition” had a perfect ending on March 17 2016 in Shanghai. As one of the most professional and powerful exhibition, the “Vision China 2016” gathered lots of experts, scholars and technologist from many fields, as well as, all the key managers from many famous companies that contributed in machine vision.

  • The Seminar of OptiTrack MoCap System Has a Perfect Ending in China (Beijing/Shanghai) - 2016

    Jul 07, 2018

    During the mid of July, in order to provide better customer services and more chances for customer to communicate, LUSTER invited Case Bowman (the director of sales) and Shagan Overman (the customer experience manager) from OptiTrack to give speeches about product introduction and technology sharing in Beijing and Shanghai. There were nearly a hundred of people from different universities and companies came to join in these two seminars.

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