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Service Center

  • The 3D Application Laboratory

    Supporting the development of 3D application in terms of new products investigating, project solution testing and after-sales service providing.

  • The Optoelectronic Testing Platform

    Based on EMVA1288 Standard, the optoelectronic testing platform can not only evaluate and measure the main performance of CCD/CMOS sensors and ca...

  • The Device Evaluation Laboratory

    Work Target:
    Supporting new product testing, pre-sale demonstration and evaluation and after-sales service assistance for both scientific and industrial products.

  • The Industrial Optical Laboratory

    Work Target:
    Focusing on the studies of imaging technology and applications in order to provide experiment conditions for visual application such as verifying system theor...


  • Aug 22, 2018

    OptiTrack’s Software and Hardware Launch and an Exchange of Global Development Cases

    July 10th - 12th marked the success of the first OptiTrack developers’ conference in Beijing and Shenzhen.Revolved around the theme of “Get Immersed and be a King”, the sponsors, Leyard OptiTrack & Luster LightTech Group, invited such industry leaders as Noitom and Revo Next-Generation to talk about their own experience. An “immersed” interaction was achieved among the industrial insiders on the basis of the solutions and the application cases adopted by OptiTrack.

  • Jul 07, 2018

    LUSTER Attended Vision China 2017

    On June 30th, Vision China 2017 came to a successful end in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Staying customer-centric, LUSTER has been focused on vision and imaging industry for several years. As a core member of CMVU, LUSTER has developed many products and solutions with international advanced level, providing leading technology information.

  • Jul 07, 2018

    2016 Vision China (Shenzhen) Yield Unusually Brilliant Results

    On July 1st 2016, the VisionChina Shenzhen Exhibition had a perfect ending. As the leading enterprise of the Chinese Machine Vision business, LUSTER became the most shining star during the whole exhibition. The Ranger-E series from the German Sick Company are the fast 3D measurement and Multi-Scan cameras in the world, which embodied 35,000 fps (10m/s) and high levels of flexibility in configuration, working distance and field of view.